Murrays Pharmacy Introduction

Murrays Pharmacy is a leading award winning community pharmacy group and healthcare provider with pharmacies across the UK, mainly in community and health centre locations. We employ over 250 staff across 25 pharmacy locations, including specialist mobility aid centres.

Our Pharmacies are committed to healthcare and our vision is to be a great pharmacy brand. Our customers are our main focus and we endeavour to provide them with exceptional friendly services in the pharmacy sector. Accessibly located within the heart of communities, our local pharmacies are right on the doorstep and strive to be the first choice for customer needs. We’ve also launched a range of innovative and affordable services aimed at improving community health, such as Repeat Prescriptions, Private Prescriptions, NHS Prescriptions, Veterinary Prescriptions, Healthy Living Pharmacy, NHS Health Check, Blood Pressure Monitoring and Dosettes, Weight Management, Alcohol Screening Services, Smoking Cessation, Mobility Aids, Flu Vaccinations and Travel Medicines/Advice, along with a suite of convenient professional health check services, including free Blood Pressure and Diabetes Testing, Cholesterol and Heart Checks….

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Nominate Murrays for ALL your EPS Prescriptions

EPS is the new NHS electronic prescription service which allows your prescriber to send your prescription straight to your Murrays Pharmacy . Click the box on the left to sign up to this free service. For more information.


Murrays Health Information Center

You can view our Health Information Center which will advise you on thousands of symptoms Here.

Whole Body

Body Parts

Whole Body

Body Parts

Health Symptoms Index

Our NEW Online Pharmacy and Medipouch

Murrays Pharmacy Medipouch title=

  • A weeks dosage in under 10 seconds!
  • Each pouch is personalised to suit the user
  • Clear date, time and full instructions
  • Easy and discreet to carry and use outside of the home
  • Easy to open and biodegradable pouch material
  • Each pouch has clear instructions of pouch contents and how to administer.

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Have you had your vaccinations?

Have you had your Flu Vaccination?
Getting a flu jab is the single best way to protect yourself and your family and friends from flu. If you don’t have flu, you can’t spread it to those around you. You may be eligible for a free flu vaccine…..

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Have you had your Travel Vaccination?
This particular insect, the handsome mosquito can sometimes be responsible for one souvenir of your business trip or holiday that you don’t want to bring back with you, Malaria!……

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