Travel Clinic Vaccinations

Travel Clinic Vaccinations

Are you thinking of going abroad?

Travel Clinic Vaccinations Services at Murrays. Going abroad on holiday or business?

Apart from providing all the information about your anti-malarial treatments, we are now able to provide and administer most holiday vaccinations from our pharmacy at Prospect View, Malvern

Most travel vaccines need to be given several weeks prior to departure, so where possible, come and see us a good 6-8 weeks before your journey. Don’t worry if you have left it a little late, as often we are able to help or at least advise on the best course of action. Please note that this is a private service, and you will be advised of all costs prior to supply/administration

Benefits of the service

Getting vaccinated can help prevent you from getting ill if you're exposed to diseases which we don't normally have in the UK. We can help you understand how to keep your risks low of getting a disease while abroad and help you work out which vaccinations and antimalarials. Benefits will include:

  • Consultation at your local pharmacy and at a time convenient to you.
  • Consultation undertaken by a trained pharmacist who is also an independent prescriber, able to provide your prescription immediately.
  • All our pharmacists are fully trained at administering your vaccinations.
  • General and specific travel advice also provided so that you can get the most out of your travelling.

Talk to a professional

Our team of expert pharmacists offer advice and support at your local Murrays Pharmacy.

How does this service work?


Book an appointment with our pharmacy.*


Our trained Pharmacist will undertake a brief consultation to find out where you are travelling to and determine what vaccinations and medication you will need. Check your vaccination history, advise you on the required vaccinations and anti-malarials (as appropriate) and the cost to you.


Administer the required vaccinations and give you a record of your vaccinations and any further advice and tips.

*This is available in selected Murrays pharmacies only.

How long does the consultation take?

Consultations may take about 30 minutes, during which time we will run through a questionnaire to assess your requirements, and then subject to your agreement, administer the recommended vaccines. Click below to find your nearest pharmacy.