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Why should you visit your community pharmacy?

It’s a well-known fact that community pharmacists were previously known as ‘chemists’ (Think the old name “Boots the Chemist”) and it’s little wonder why.  Not unlike your regular GP, community pharmacists are now an accepted part of the massive NHS family with around 1.6 million a day visiting them in England alone.
So why is the community pharmacist so popular?  Well, unlike most GP’s community pharmacies are not only situated in popular high street locations across the UK but are also available for advice without an appointment (and, if you’re privately insured, without a high price tag too).  In fact they’re so accessible that you’ll even find a pharmacist at work Monday to Saturday (Sunday in some of our Murrays branches although this is not a service we offer regularly at present) – simply perfect when you’re struggling to get even a little time off work.

Murrays Pharmacy Throughout The West Midlands
Fortunately for everyone, the role of the community pharmacist has certainly changed its offering over recent years to the extent that they’re now able to advise – and prescribe – certain medication without you having to see you own GP. Minor ailments that do not constitute an emergency or require urgent treatment (think colds, cold sores, thrush, or teething in babies)  They’re also able to deal with (and hand over) repeat prescriptions, offer advice on travel medications and vaccinations and work alongside your GP to ensure you’re fully looked after.  In fact, you’ll also find that may of our Murrays branches now have a private consulting room so whether you need advice on anything from allergies to contraception they most certainly provide an all round service to help support you with your health concerns when you need them.

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