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What is A Paperless Prescription And How Can It Help Me?

The way prescriptions are issued is changing. This new service is known as the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. All GP surgeries are changing over to the new system as they become ready. Here at Murrays Pharmacy we are already set up to receive electronic prescriptions in order to provide you with this more convenient service.

What will it mean for me?

The new service will be more convenient because you will no longer have to visit your GP to pick up a paper prescription. Instead you GP will send it electronically to the Murrays Branch pharmacy of your choice ready for you to collect. Your prescription will then be waiting for you at the pharmacy for collection or, if you have requested delivery, it will be delivered to your door.

What do I need to do?

It is a good idea to tell your surgery now where you would like your prescription to be sent. Alternatively, speak to someone at your local Murray’s Pharmacy for more information.  You can register online by nominating us as your chosen NHS EPS branch here at our Murrays Pharmacy website.

What are the benefits of paperless prescriptions?

Paperless prescriptions are:

•    Convenient – the service means you need not make an extra trip to the GP surgery to collect your paper prescription.

•    Hassle free – the service allows your pharmacist to prepare your prescription, reducing wait times at the pharmacy.

•    Confidential – the service allows your GP to send us your prescription electronically with complete confidentiality.

For further information on the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, speak to a pharmacist at Murrays Pharmacy throughout the West Midlands, Birmingham Stourbridge, Worcester or contact your GP.

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