One-Off NHS Prescriptions

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Please note the prescription medicine ordering service is coming to an end at the end of December 2021. Please speak to your local Murrays Pharmacy (soon to be Peak Pharmacy) for advice on how to order NHS prescriptions once this service has come to an end.

One-Off NHS Prescriptions

What are one-off NHS prescriptions?

A one-off prescription is issued by a prescriber for a specific medical condition where you will only be taking the medication for a short period of time – e.g. to painkillers for pain relief or antibiotics to treat an infection

If getting to a pharmacy isn’t that easy, you can order/inform us about your one-off NHS prescription right here online. It takes just minutes to order what you need, and you pay exactly what you would at the pharmacy.

  • Save time and sign up in minutes, and reduce trips to collect your prescriptions.
  • We make it easy and convenient for you to collect your medication from your local Murrays pharmacy.
  • All your prescriptions are prepared by a Murrays Pharmacy team.
  • Qualified UK Pharmacists.

Before you start

You will require the following information - You are able to order for yourself or on behalf of someone else.

  • 1. Patient information details.
  • 2. GP/Doctors information.
  • 3. Medication details.

Collect in-store or Deliver?

We offer a choice of collection and delivery options, this may be to your home, place of work. See below for details.

How the process will work?


Register/Sign in and nominate your Murrays pharmacy. Complete the repeat prescription form online and submit it


We’ll request/obtain your medicine from your GP and let you know when it’s ready


You collect your medication and pay/sign for your prescription at your nominated Murrays pharmacy

**Delivery charges may vary depending on distance. Vew delivery details here

When will my prescription be ready?

We can arrange to dispense your medication and have it ready for you to collect. It’s simple. It only takes a few minutes for you to complete your first prescription order online, and your repeat order will be even quicker in future. We’ll contact you when your medicine is ready to collect from the pharmacy.