Murrays Medipouch

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Murrays MediPouch puts all of the information about your medication at your finger tips. The pouches contain information on when the medication is to be taken, what time it is to be taken and details of what is in the pouch which can then be confirmed simply by turning the pouch over. Our highly accurate system simplifies taking medication, in the right dose at the right time.

The Murrays MediPouch system is the most simple, safe and accurate system for taking multiple medicines and long term medication. Our automated system produces pouches on which is printed the name of the patient, the date and time the medication should be taken what is in the pouch. Each pouch has a unique barcode which allows us to provide complete traceability of your medication from intial assembly through to delivery to the patient or care home.

  • Each pouch is personalized to suit the user.
  • Clear date, time and administration instructions.
  • Easy and discreet to carry and use outside of the home.
  • Easy to open and biodegradable pouch material.
  • Dispensed in chronological order to ease management of dosage times.
  • Unlimited administration times to cater for more than 4 administration times a day.
  • Full range of font sizes to help visually impaired users.
  • Each pouch has clear instructions of pouch contents and how to administer.

Collect in-store or Deliver?

We offer a choice of delivery & collection options, this may be to your home, place of work. See below for details.

Why customers switched to medipouch?

Each pouch contains information on what time of day you need to take the medicines and details of the medicines inside.

“The MediPouch system is the most simple, safe and accurate system for taking multiple medicines.” Contact your local Murrays Pharmacy to find out how we can help you with taking your medicines safely.

How the process will work?


Nominate your murrays pharmacy, Complete repeat prescription form online


We'll request your medicine from your GP and let you know when it’s ready


Collect in any of our Murrays pharmacies or have it delivered directly to you**

**Delivery charges may vary depending on distance. Vew delivery details here

How long does it take to dispense?

The Medipouch can produce a week's dosage in under 10 seconds, also each pouch is personalised to each user and made from a friendly biodegradable material.