Medicine Use Reviews

Interesting fact!

50% of patients do not take their medication as intended, or take their medication at all.

Often this is because that medication has unpleasant side effects, or the patient does not fully understand how and why they should be taking or using their medicines. All of our pharmacies (except the online pharmacy) offer a free Medicines Check Up on the NHS. This is an opportunity for you to sit down and have a confidential chat with our Pharmacist about your medicines.

You will have a chance to find out what your medicines do and to discuss any concerns that you may have, such as side effects that you experience. Often, simple changes, such as changing the time of day that you take your medication, or taking it with food, can improve your symptoms.

Am i eligible for this service?

Just pop into your local Murrays pharmacy next time you have your prescription to be dispensed, and arrange a convenient time for your Medicines Use Review. This programme is a ‘must’ for you to meet any of the following below:

  • You are unsure how and when to take your medicine.
  • Your symptoms don’t seem to be under control.
  • You have side-effects when you take your medicines.
  • You find it difficult to take your medicines.

Talk to a professional

Our team of expert pharmacists offer advice and support at your local Murrays Pharmacy.

How does this service work?


You will have a private chat in the pharmacy with a trained pharmacist about your medicine(s).*


The pharmacist will check that you understand your medicines, and whether you are experiencing any side-effects or having problems taking your medicine(s).


Offer advice and solutions to assist you in getting the best from your medication.

*This is available in selected Murrays pharmacies only.

How long does the consultation take?

Consultation with your Murrays pharmacist can vary depending on your circumstances and the medication that you are on. Click to find your nearest Murrays Pharmacy.