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If you suffer with a long term health concern, it is likely that you will need to juggle a number of different medications. If this is you, you will understand that keeping an eye on what is being used and where it is, is paramount for yourself and, should you have one, your carer. Having different pills that have to be administered at different times can be confusing and potentially dangerous should you lose track of your medications. Traditionally pharmacies relied on dosettes – trays of your weekly medications in rigid plastic containers, bulky and very tricky to open, particularly for those with arthritis or lacking strength in the hands. But now all that has changed with the new Murrays Pharmacy MediPouch! Picked, packed and labelled by £1million, technologically advanced robot, the MediPouch segregates your medicines into easy to manage blister packs and make the dispensing of them quicker and safer!

Each MediPouch is manufactured specifically for the individual patient and comprise a series of pockets that contain the exact medicines in the right dose for each time slot in the day required. The patient only needs tear open each sachet, no more wrestling with hard plastic trays, and their timed dose is ready to take. Each sachet is clearly labelled with the patient, medications and dose for extra reassurance. When it is time for your next dose, simply open the next labelled sachet and the patient is assured that the remarkable robot technology has carefully calculated the correct medication and dose to meet the patient’s daily medication needs.

Murrays MediPouch offer a number of significant advantages over dosette medication trays or separate packets including:

  • Not having to decant fiddly pills from different packets each usage.
  • Assurance that each dose is right.
  • No more problems with being unsure whether a pill has already been taken.
  • Full view of medicine availability and when the packs will run out, allowing for efficient planning of replacements.
  • Barcoding is used for tracking and patient security.

Automated MediPouch production means that the needs of every patient are priority and they always receive exactly what they need. You can get more details on how to order MediPouch from your local Murrays Branch or order here online.

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