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Keeping Ahead With Your Prescriptions
In the UK, the incidence of long term health conditions is increasing. This is somewhat inevitable with an ageing population who are living longer and longer, in fact it is estimated that around 20% of the population in the UK are retirement age (65 for men and 60 for women) and is set to continue to increase to a huge 29% by 2039. With ageing comes wear and tear which in turn can lead to long term health conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure issues, weight management, arthritis, respiratory problems and digestive issues. Fortunately, due to advances in medicine, many common conditions that may once have been life limiting can be managed or offer symptomatic relief from the unpleasant effects of the illnesses, with medications.  Of course, when you need to take multiple medications, it is inevitable that you will regularly need to visit your GP and Pharmacy for your NHS Prescriptions. Whether you order your repeat prescriptions on a weekly or monthly basis, it is vitally important that you are organised and ensure you order your prescriptions and do not run out of your medications. This is where Murrays Pharmacy can help!   If you need to juggle a number of different medications, it can be difficult to remember to keep ahead of ordering your NHS prescriptions but with the Murrays EPS Prescription service and our Murrays Pharmacy MediPouch, we can help you stay on top of your treatment.

Ordering Repeat Prescriptions From Murrays Pharmacy
Sign up for our Electronic Prescription Service online at Murrays Pharmacy. This great new option means you no longer have to travel between your GP and your local branch Murrays Pharmacy to collect your medications. When you sign up for EPS, your prescriptions are sent electronically from your GP once authorised for a repeat prescription, meaning you only have to come and collect, or have delivered via our home delivery service within catchment areas.
Additionally, we know that managing several different pills that have to be administered at different times can be confusing and potentially dangerous should you lose track of your medications. Up until now you may have found you have had your medications organised with plastic medication organisers – trays of your weekly medications in rigid containers, which could be bulky and very tricky to open, particularly for those with arthritis or lacking strength in the hands.  But things have changed with the introduction of the Murrays Pharmacy MediPouch for your repeat prescriptions! Picked, packed and labelled, by a technologically advanced robot, the MediPouch segregates your medicines into easy to manage blister packs and make the dispensing of them quicker and safer! Each dose is packed in a pouch clearly labelled and barcoded for tracking, and visibility of when your medication will run out and thus keeping you ahead of your repeat prescriptions.
Whether you want to sign up for EPS prescriptions, Repeat Prescriptions, or MediPouch from Murrays Pharmacy, visit our website or pop into your local branch in the West Midlands, Worcester or Birmingham today.

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