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Planning For A Healthier Year Ahead With Murrays Pharmacy

The 21st December , the shortest day, has been and gone; Christmas is over and New Year is on the horizon. If you suffer over the Winter with issues such a Seasonal Affected Disorder or winter colds and flu you will probably be pleased that the new year is on the way. Knowing that spring and summer will soon be on the horizon can breathe a new lease of life into you and your health and to get ready for the seasons ahead, the best place to start is a health check. Planning your New Year resolutions to make changes to your health are common at this time of year, so if you are one of these people , at Murrays Pharmacy in the West Midlands we are here to support you. It is important to remember that prior to starting any exercise routine, new diet or lifestyle change, you consult with a medical professional such as your GP. For healthy living advice, Murrays Pharmacy bring you a trained pharmacist in every branch full of useful advice for a range of health conditions

Giving Up Smoking

One of the first things you can do to make a big difference to your health quickly is to give up some of your bad habits. For example, giving up smoking not only helps your health but can help your pocket. You can save thousands in just a year by quitting smoking. It is not easy, Trying to quit smoking is extremely difficult and without support, many people do not succeed. Murrays Pharmacy understand how difficult it is making the decision to quit smoking and to keep it up, pop into your local branch of Murrays Pharmacy to find out about the support on offer to help you quit smoking.

Weight management

Did you know that over 50% of the UK population are overweight? A worrying statistic as obesity and carrying extra weight can lead to long-term health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and increased anaesthetic risk should you need surgery. If you would like to lose weight or just tone up for the summer –  a healthy diet, exercise and the right vitamins can all help. Murrays Pharmacy are trained in a range of health conditions and healthy living to give you sensible, down to earth advice on losing weight, weight management and keeping healthy.

Managing Your Medication

It is great idea to make sure you understand your prescription medications and doses, and that if you are going on holiday or struggling to manage your prescriptions, you are organised to ensure you don’t run out. Murrays Pharmacy can help with your repeat prescriptions -you can sign up for EPS – Electronic Prescription Service to have your prescriptions sent electronically from your GP to us, meaning no more trips to branch, and sign up for our repeat prescription service with MediPouch where your medications are organised into daily doses for you, simple and straightforward, helping you stay in control. If you are unsure about any of your medications, ask your pharmacist about a Medicines Review in branch, all our pharmacists are highly experienced and can offer you the advice you need to reassure you.

For all your healthy living needs, visit Murrays Pharmacy.

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