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Travel Clinic Vaccinations

Travel Clinic Vaccinations Services at Murrays: Going abroad on holiday or business?

Apart from providing all the information about your anti-malarial treatments, we are now able to provide and administer most holiday vaccinations.

Our trained pharmacist will:

  • Undertake a brief consultation to find out where you are travelling to and determine what vaccinations and other medication you will need
  • Check your vaccination history
  • Advise you on the required vaccinations and anti-malarials (as appropriate), and the cost to you, as this is a private service.
  • Administer the required vaccinations and give you a record of your vaccinations
  • Advise on other travel tips- e.g. use of mosquito nets, sterilising tablets etc.

Speak to our pharmacist about this great new service and arrange appointments to suit you rather than your GP!

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