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Stop Smoking....

Smoking Cessation Using Champix: Some of our pharmacies are able to offer Champix, as an alternative to Nicotine Replacement Therapy, to support your quit attempt which was previously only available from your GP.

So how does it work? It’s really clever. Rather than simply replacing the nicotine you get each time you smoke with an alternative source of nicotine, Champix releases a chemical which blocks the receptors in the brain that produce the cravings for nicotine. You carry on smoking when you first start taking Champix, but after a short time, the cravings to smoke will stop you wanting to light up!

Make an appointment with your pharmacist/Stop Smoking Advisor today and see if you qualify for the 12 week support programme. Hopefully this will be the best discussion you ever make!

Benefits of the service

You're four times more likely to stop smoking if you use an NHS service to help you. Once you do stop, benefits will include:

  • One to one counselling support from our Pharmacist/Stop Smoking Advisor in helping you to stop smoking.
  • You’re four times more likely to quit smoking by using a NHS Service such as ours to quit.
  • Stopping smoking is beneficial to your long term health (including reducing the risk of a heart attack, heart disease and improving your breathing).

Talk to a professional

Our team of expert pharmacists offer advice and support at your local Murrays Pharmacy.

How does this service work?


Pick from our list of participating Murrays pharmacies*


A ‘Let’s Get Healthy Dudley’ advisor who will assess you for the Champix Programme and issue you with a voucher


Take the voucher to our participating Murrays pharmacy to obtain your supply of Champix.

*This is available in selected Murrays pharmacies only.

How long does the consultation take?

Consultation with your murrays pharmacist/stop smoking advisor can vary depending on your circumstances and suitability for your preferred treatment. Click below to find your nearest pharmacy.