Contraceptive Services

Private and confidential service

Many of our pharmacies are able to offer FREE Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) or the ‘Morning-After Pill’, to women aged 16 years and above. Teenagers below this age may be offered the pill at the discretion of the pharmacist.

This is a strictly private and confidential service which is carried out by trained and accredited pharmacists. They will take you through a short questionnaire which assesses your suitability for the pill. The key thing here is that you present for the service within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Eligible patients will be given the Emergency Hormonal Contraceptive (EHC) free of charge on the NHS. Check out this service from one of our pharmacies listed below.

Benefits of the service

This is a strictly private and confidential service which is carried out by our trained and accredited pharmacists, benefits will include:

  • Easily accessible. No appointment necessary.
  • Discreet and confidential service.
  • Quick – normally no need to see your GP.

Talk to a professional

Our team of expert pharmacists offer advice and support at your local Murrays Pharmacy.

How does this service work?


You will have a private in-store consultation with a pharmacist – this should be as soon as possible after unprotected sex.*


After taking you through a short questionnaire, you will be advised on the morning-after pill options, and the most suitable option for you.


We will provide you with the morning-after pill or we can refer you to your GP/Other Sexual Health Providers.

*This is available in selected Murrays pharmacies only.

How long does the consultation take?

Consultation with your Murrays pharmacist can vary depending on your circumstances and suitability for treatment. Click below to find your nearest pharmacy.