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For many years, the healing benefits of Tea Tree oil have been well-known throughout Australia. Previously only available in selected beauty salons throughout the UK, the remarkable Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil products are now available from leading chemists like Murrays and department stores nationwide, in a range specifically developed for the retail market.

Australian Bodycare use only the purest Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) in a range of products developed for therapeutic use in many annoying everyday skin conditions.

Pure Tea Tree Oil (7.5ml & 25ml)
Tea Tree Oil’s antiseptic properties disinfect and penetrate the skin deep down.

The oil kills bacteria and fungi whilst maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Its soothing properties help to keep the skin cool and comfortable and is safe to use on broken skin. Using a cotton bud, apply to spots 2-3times daily, after washing.

Daily Cleansing Wash (150ml 2% Tea Tree Oil)
To help hygienically cleanse blocked pores. Used daily as part of a programme, it removes excessive oil and will protect against spot-causing bacteria, while maintaining the skin’s natural balance and pH. Non-allergenic and non-drying.

Treatment Lotion (150ml 5% Tea Tree Oil)
This is suitable for all skin types, and is safe to use daily and on infants. This water- based lotion is easily and quickly absorbed. Treatment lotion works to care and protect skin and is extremely therapeutic in the treatment of dry, sore and cracked skin. Non-greasy, it will assist in maintaining and promoting healthy skin tissue, ideal for use with spot-prone skin, eczema and psoriasis. Use particularly after sun, shaving and, for babies, after nappy changing. Apply liberally for immediate soothing, rehydration and nourishing of the skin.

Facial Moisturiser (50ml 1% Tea Tree Oil)
A nourishing moisturiser which soothes skin and assists suppleness. Facial Moisturiser kills bacteria and is ideal for use on spot prone skin. Tea Tree Oil plays an important part as a carrier for other high quality nutrients into the skin, helping to maintain moisture levels and allowing the skin to ‘breathe’. Suitable for most skin types and all age groups. Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

Foot Treatment (150ml 5% Tea Tree Oil)
A soothing, therapeutic lotion which effectively eliminates fungal problems, such as Athlete’s Foot. Applied daily and especially before exercise, to cleansed, dry feet, it will kill bacteria which causes foot odour. Massage over feet, soles, heels and between the toes, stroking towards the heel, to nourish dry and cracked skin and restore the natural balance.

Daily Treatment Shampoo (300ml 2% Tea Tree Oil)
Designed for use on all hair types, it gently cleanses and stimulates both the hair and scalp. Regular use leaves the hair nourished, strengthened and protected from harsh environmental elements.

Daily Treatment Conditioner (300ml 0.5% Tea Tree Oil)
A gentle formula to give a nourishing treatment for all hair types, leaving the hair with a natural lustre and full of vitality. Regular use, together with the Daily Treatment Shampoo, is recommended for the ultimate healthy scalp and hair.

Preevent (3 x 5ml)
A completely natural way to maintain vaginal moisture and lubricity. Clinical studies have shown that Preevent has remarkable results against bacteria and fungi-causing infections, such as thrush or similar complaints. Thrush and similar complaints are common problems women experience, particularly during menopause or when taking a course of antibiotics. Preevent will help to cure these problems. Preevent is produced in one-time pre-filled disposable applicators for optimum hygiene. It is antiseptic, hormone-free, non-greasy and non-irritant.

Treatment Lip Balm (5g 5% Tea Tree Oil)
The high percentage of Tea Tree Oil in this Lip Balm helps to heal dry, chapped and sore lips. Used on a regular basis, the Lip Balm should prevent cold sores developing.

The Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil range of products is all packed in bio-degradable packaging, with full ingredient listing on the side, and with an ‘Against Animal Testing’ logo on the front. There will also be a “Help Line” telephone number printed on all the products, for customers to call for information and advice on product usage. The range is available from department stores nationwide, over 1,000 independent chemists and in selected health food stores.

Tea Tree Balm
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