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Homeopathy Therapy - Murrays Pharmacy
Homeopathy Therapy - Murrays Pharmacy

Homeopathy Therapy At Murrays Pharmacy

Homeopathic medicines act in quite a different way to traditional or Allopathic medicines. Allopathic medicines work by directly treating the symptoms of the illness. Homeopathic medicines work by mimicking the illness-this in turn acts as a trigger for the bodies own healing forces to come into play

Dr Samuel Hahneman is the essential founder of Homeopathy. He discovered that if you dilute the medicinal extract it reduced the toxicity but made the medicinal extract more medically active. So paradoxically the chemically weaker the Homeopathic Medicine the stronger was its ability to cure! In 1810 he produced his Materica Medica, which has proved to be the Homeopathic Practitioners most useful reference work

Because Homeopathic medicines can be chemically weak it is important not to touch them with your hands. If you do touch them with your hands, you will reduce the efficacy of the medicine you are taking due to contamination. Even with freshly washed hands this can occur due to the sensitive nature of the medicine. Either pop them in your mouth directly out of the container or use a Nelsons Clikpak Dispenser. This allows a hands off approach to taking your medicines.

As a final comment many people believe that Herbal and Homeopathic medicines are one and the same. Now you can see that that is quite wrong, as Herbal medicines are actually Allopathic in nature.

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Weleda Range

Our Stourbridge Pharmacy keeps a wide range of Weleda products as well as Nelsons.
As well as their Homeopathic range, Weleda’s Anthroposophic medicines are stocked. Weleda’s founder, Rudolf Steiner, was also the father of this branch of Medicines. To learn more look up their website at www.weleda.co.uk.

Ainsworth Range

Brown and Francis-our shop at Ludlow-also keeps a full range of Ainsworth Homeopathic Medicines. If you require that manufacturer please contact them directly at www.ainsworths.com.

Nelsons Range

Most of our shops stock a range of Nelson’s 6c and 30c medicines as well as a supply of very useful herbal topical creams. To improve your understanding of Homeopathy visit their website at www.nelsons.co.uk.

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