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Herbal Medicines - Herbal Medicines
Herbal Medicines - Herbal Medicines

Herbal Medicines At Murrays Pharmacy

Prior to the 1860’s the only option for taking medicines was to gather them from the fields and hedgerows unless you were one of the few who could afford a physician. So for pain you could drink Willow Bark Tea (Aspirin) or take Foxglove (Digitalis) for heart disease.

As the Industrial Revolution deepened there was a need for more and more medicines to support the growing population. So at this point active constituents were isolated from plant extracts and manufactured, Aspirin being one of the first. As our scientific expertise developed the isolated molecules were chemically modified to develop into totally new molecules for use as medicines. By the 1950’s a new generation of medicines were in use by doctors and pharmacists – this group being known by today’s public as, curiously, TRADITIONAL MEDICINES.

In some countries, notably Switzerland and Germany, the use of Herbal Medicines was used alongside the newly discovered manufactured medicines. In the UK however we turned our back upon Herbal Medicines until recently.

Murray’s was one of the first pharmacies to develop expertise in Herbal Medicines. We felt that the public needed professional advice. Herbal Medicines are just that – Medicines. Erroneously people thought that herbs were always safe but you only have to consider what would happen to you if you took a dose of Deadly Nightshade to realise that the effect could be deadly.

Bioforce Herbal Remedies
Bioforce is Europe’s leader in herbal medicines – the technical name being Phytotherapy. Bioforce produce a very extensive range of fresh herb tinctures from organically grown plants.

Their founder was herbalist Alfred Vogel who initially created natural remedies from herbs grown in his garden. Over the years Bioforce have expanded their ranges – food products, bodycare items, food supplements being added to their herbal remedies.

Murray’s Healthcare has worked very closely with Bioforce. Many of our staff have successfully completed phytotherapy training under Bioforce’s direction, which explains why we are a leading supplier in the West Midlands of Bioforce.

Echinaforce, an extract of Echinacea, has proven to be very useful in improving the body’s immune system, particularly in dealing with long-term bacterial and viral infections.

Emergency Essence has a similar use to the better-known Rescue Remedy; it helps you to deal with immediate traumas like getting the jitters when taking a driving test.

Jan de Vries, a Belgian Pharmacist, has developed his own range of phytotherapy medicines within the Bioforce Company.

You can visit Bioforce on www.bioforce.co.uk or if you prefer the more personal approach please visit a Murray’s Healthcare stockist and talk with one of our trained staff.

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