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Food State Vitamins - Murrays Pharmacy
Food State Vitamins - Murrays Pharmacy

Food State Vitamins At Murrays Pharmacy

Most of us are aware that we need vitamins and minerals in our diet to remain fit and healthy. Sometimes due to diet restrictions, health problems or just unhealthy eating we need to take vitamins in a tablet or liquid form.

There is much debate over the RDAs (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins. Indeed many dieticians feel that some RDAs are grossly understated, particularly with respect to Vitamin C.

Then you also have to consider the form that your vitamin supplement is in. A majority of vitamins are in a standard form of the chemical vitamin extract plus the excipient that makes up the rest of the tablet or capsule or liquid.

This can mean that quite a lot of vitamin has to be taken for your body to absorb a little of it into the bloodstream. The rest of it remains unabsorbed in the gut and is excreted and lost.

Natures Own Vitamins have developed a range of vitamins that are in a FOOD STATE. This means that they are more ‘food like’ in nature than the more inert usual form of vitamin supplement. And because they have greater absorption (bio availability) for your body, you can take a much lower dose than normally recommended to get the same level of vitamin into your bloodstream.

Our Malvern Town store in Church St keeps a comprehensive range of these supplements having developed close links with Natures Own. We can advise on the RDAs for their Food State Vitamins.

Quest Vitamins also have some chelated (food state vitamins) in their range, you can check these supplements out at some of our outlets.

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