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Aromatherapy At Murrays Pharmacy

Aromatherapy using essential oils is now a way of life for many people.

You can create your own atmosphere in your surroundings by the subtle use of oils. Burn Lavender and you will produce a relaxing ambiance, Bergamot will remove the smell of tobacco smoke, Lemongrass will invigorate you, and as for Ylang Ylang – well that can help to spice up your personal relationship with that special someone in your life.

Essential oils can also be applied directly – consider Tea Tree oil as a very effective antibacterial and fungal agent. Combination of oils can also be used, a mixture of Eucalyptus, Geranium and Tea Tree proving very effective in repelling unwanted visitors to you and your children’s hair.

When selecting your Essential Oils you should endeavor to purchase PURE undiluted oils. As a general guide stay clear of a product range ALL priced at the same price. This invariably means that the oils will be diluted to varying degrees to bring the cost down to the same level. YOU need to decide whether you need your oils to be diluted or not, and also to what degree you need them to be diluted. The best starting point is to use pure oil.

And a useful tip is if you also have Homeopathic Medicines in your medicine store keep them well away from your oils, as your oils can deactivate homeopathic medicines by binding with them just by drifting in the atmosphere.

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