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What is EPS and What Can It Do For You?

2016-01-26T16:44:26+00:00January 26th, 2016|EPS, Prescriptions|

Here at Murrays we pride ourselves on bringing you innovative solutions to help make your life easier and manage your health better. EPS – Electronic Prescription Service – has recently been introduced into all our branches in order to make managing your medication as easy as possible. The NHS patient care system is aimed at getting you the medicine you need faster and in a more efficient manner - just one of the ways that your pharmacist at Murrays is looking at new ways of delivering a quality service. It will be especially of benefit if you have repeat prescriptions for long term medications for conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, amongst others, and can’t always get to the pharmacy when you need to, enabling you to have your medication ready and waiting at your convenience. For many of our customers at Murrays Pharmacy, the new system will be a huge benefit over the existing system where you may have needed to go to the GP surgery to collect your prescription. Instead, customer simply have to re-order essential medicines online. EPS is also incredibly easy to set up! Each patient needs only to nominate their local Murrays pharmacy branch to which their doctor sends the prescription, and then we do the rest! It’s a simple as that, and all the time that you are eligible to receive certain medicines, you can have the electronic notifications sent to your chosen Pharmacy. Many worry about the security of on-line transactions and [...]