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Children`s growth patterns `predict obesity risk before age 5`

"Weighing children when they start school is already too late," reports the Mail Online.

A study on childhood obesity suggests children`s weight and growth patterns should be measured before they start school.

One in 3 children in the UK are overweight or obese by the time they leave primary school,

Posted On March 27, 2019
Lifestyle And Exercise

Does prolonged sitting really kill 70,000 people a year in the UK?

"Is sitting really the new smoking? Alarming new research claims 70,000 deaths a year are caused by our increasingly sedentary lives," reports the Mail Online.

This headline refers to a study that looked into the impact of sedentary behaviour on a range of conditions including type 2 diabetes and various cancers.

Posted On March 26, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Are children`s ball pits really `riddled with killer germs`?

"Children`s ball pit play areas contain dozens of killer germs," reports the Mail Online.

Ball pits, a popular form of play for children, are sometimes used by physiotherapists working with children, especially those with autism. But commercial ball pits in shopping centres and restaurants have previously been

Posted On March 25, 2019

Drinking very hot tea linked with risk of 1 type of oesophageal cancer

"Drinking piping hot tea or coffee could `double your risk of developing tumours in the oesophagus`," reports the Mail Online.

A study of more than 50,000 people in Iran showed that those who drank 700ml (about 2 to 3 mugs) of black tea a day at temperatures of 60C or above were almost twice as likely to go

Posted On March 21, 2019
Mental Health

Daily use of high-strength cannabis increases risk of psychosis

"High-strength cannabis increases risk of mental health problems," reports The Guardian.

Researchers have estimated that people who use high-strength cannabis daily are 5 times more likely to have a first episode of psychosis.

Psychosis is a mental health disorder

Posted On March 20, 2019
Food And Diet

`Just one sugary drink a day` linked to health problems

"Drinking just one sugary drink a day raises your risk of dying from heart disease and even cancer, research suggests," the Mail Online reports.

This headline is prompted by new research looking at the intake of sugary and artificially sweetened drinks in 2 large groups of health professionals in the US over

Posted On March 19, 2019
Heart And Lungs

New cholesterol-lowering drug shows promise

"New fat-busting pill slashes heart attacks and strokes with no statin side-effects, researchers claim," reads The Sun`s rather inaccurate headline.

A study has looked into the safety of a new treatment to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL), commonly known as "bad" cholesterol.

High cholesterol

Posted On March 14, 2019

Online tool helps men choose best prostate cancer treatment

"Prostate cancer patients could be spared needless surgery thanks to NHS risk calculator," reports the Sun.

UK researchers have developed a tool to estimate a man`s chances of surviving 15 years after a prostate cancer diagnosis, based on age, cancer type and other health problems.

The tool can show

Posted On March 13, 2019

Eye test can pick up Alzheimer`s, study claims


"Alzheimer`s disease can be spotted through simple eye test," reports the Daily Telegraph.

A new study has found that people with Alzheimer`s had fewer blood vessels and less blood flow in the retina (back of their eye).

The Alzheimer-linked

Posted On March 12, 2019

`Small` increase in risk of Alzheimer`s disease with HRT use, study suggests

"Millions of women who take HRT pills may face a greater risk of Alzheimer`s," warns the Mail Online.

A study identified all postmenopausal women in Finland who`d been diagnosed with Alzheimer`s disease over a 14-year period. It compared their use of HRT

Posted On March 07, 2019
Genetics And Stem Cells

Stem cell cancer treatment leaves man `free` of HIV

"UK patient `free` of HIV after stem cell treatment," reports BBC News.

Doctors report that a man with HIV, who was given a stem cell transplant to treat his blood cancer, has no detectable signs of HIV 18 months after stopping anti-HIV treatment.

The man had

Posted On March 06, 2019

`No link between MMR and autism,` major study finds

"The MMR jab does not lead to autism: Scientists debunk controversial theory yet again," reports the Mail Online.

A major study has confirmed yet again that there`s no link between autism and the MMR vaccine, which protects

Posted On March 05, 2019