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Fewer now dying from strokes, but numbers having them go up in the young

"Stroke deaths in England halved in a decade," reports The Guardian, but the Sun warns us that, "Stroke rates are rocketing among young Brits due to obesity and cocaine use".

Both headlines were prompted by a new study where researchers looked at NHS stroke data from between 2001 and 2010.

They found

Posted On May 23, 2019

Sleep apnoea possibly linked to cancer risk in women

"Snoring or waking up exhausted `could be linked to cancer`," reports the Sun.

Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) is a relatively common condition where the walls of the throat relax and narrow during sleep, interrupting normal breathing.

This makes

Posted On May 22, 2019
Heart And Lungs

Heart scan may detect young people at risk of sudden cardiac death

Heart scan "could pick up signs of sudden death risk", BBC News reports.

Cases often make the headlines of young, seemingly healthy people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest (where the heart suddenly stops beating), often during sports activity, such as in the case of footballer Fabrice Muamba (who thankfully

Posted On May 21, 2019

Can doing a daily crossword or Sudoku puzzle keep your brain young?


"Older adults who regularly do Sudoku or crosswords have sharper brains that are 10 YEARS younger," reports the Mail Online.

In 2 linked studies, researchers asked people aged 50 to 93 to fill in online surveys, which included questions about whether they regularly did number puzzles (like

Posted On May 16, 2019
Food And Diet

Supplement used for joint pain may reduce risk of heart disease

"Glucosamine supplements `may cut heart risk`," reports BBC News.

Researchers analysed the diet and lifestyle of almost half a million adults aged 40 to 69 in the UK, and followed them up for an average of 7 years.

They found people who regularly took glucosamine, a food supplement taken to reduce symptoms

Posted On May 15, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Antibiotics after forceps and ventouse births halve infections in mothers

"Mothers` infections rates `could be halved` with routine antibiotics," reports The Daily Telegraph.

This was the result of a large UK study in which women were given a single dose of antibiotics after an assisted vaginal birth to prevent infection.

An assisted vaginal birth is when forceps or a ventouse

Posted On May 14, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

No clear evidence hormone treatment in early pregnancy helps prevent miscarriage

"Hormone [treatment] `can reduce chances of miscarriage`," reports BBC News. The rather misleading headline follows a trial looking at whether giving the hormone progesterone to women with bleeding in early pregnancy could prevent miscarriage.

Miscarriage is defined as

Posted On May 09, 2019
Lifestyle And Exercise

UK couples having less frequent sex than 10 years ago

"Young Brits are having less sex than a decade ago because they`re too busy watching Netflix," reports the Sun.

Researchers used survey data from almost 35,000 people aged 16 to 44 in the UK. The surveys were done in 1991, 2001 and 2012.

The surveys found women were most likely to report having sex

Posted On May 08, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Social media effect on teen life satisfaction `is tiny`, study reports

"Time spent on social media has only a `trivial` impact on life satisfaction among adolescents," reports The Guardian.

There is a widespread assumption that social media use is having an negative effect on the mental wellbeing of today`s teenagers. But a new study questions whether this assumption is backed up

Posted On May 07, 2019
Heart And Lungs

Can erection problem medicines help reverse heart failure?

"Viagra-like erectile dysfunction drug Cialis may tackle heart disease too," reports the Sun.

Researchers investigated the effect of the medicine tadalafil, brand name Cialis, on sheep hearts.

Cialis is in the same group of medicines as the better-known Viagra, which are used to treat impotence

Posted On May 02, 2019

New type of dementia identified

"Form of dementia that `mimics` Alzheimer`s symptoms discovered," reports The Guardian.

An international team of researchers has proposed a name for a type of brain disease that causes dementia symptoms: Limbic-predominant Age-related TDP-43 Encephalopathy, or LATE.

The name brings together previously

Posted On May 01, 2019
Older People

Poor sense of smell in the elderly linked with higher risk of dying

The Independent and the Mail Online report that older adults with a poor sense of smell are more likely to die in the next 10 years, while The Guardian goes so far as to suggest that smell tests could be used to spot dementia.

The reports are prompted by a new study involving 2,000 adults aged 76 years on average,

Posted On April 30, 2019