Pregnancy And Child

Pregnancy And Child

Babies fed solids earlier `sleep better`

"Feeding your baby solids early may help them sleep," states The Guardian, which may catch the eye of many a sleep-deprived new parent.

The headline is based on the results of a new study that looked at 1,300 healthy, exclusively breastfed 3-month-old babies in England and Wales.

The babies were assigned

Posted On July 10, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Mums with healthy habits `less likely` to have obese children

"Mums with five healthy habits are less likely to have obese children," the Mail Online reports.

The headline is prompted by a new US study involving children aged 9 to 14. More than 24,000 children were studied, only 5% of whom were obese.

The study found that children were less likely to be obese

Posted On July 06, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Premature birth linked to increased risk of ADHD

"Babies born just one month premature are more likely to develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in later life, new research suggests," reports the Mail Online.

Researchers in Norway compared a group of children born prematurely with a control group of children born at full term to see if either

Posted On June 26, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

`Over-controlling` parents may be `doing more harm than good`

"`Helicopter parenting` linked to behavioural problems in children," reports The Independent.

Helicopter parenting is a term describing what some people see as over-protective and over-controlling parental behaviour. The term is based on the image of a parent constantly "hovering" over a child, allowing them

Posted On June 20, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Overeating during pregnancy linked to maternal weight gain and child obesity

"How `eating for two` during pregnancy is a major health risk: One-in-three women admit `out-of-control` binges that make them pile on the pounds," is the headline from the Mail Online.

This follows a study of 11,132 women from the Avon region of England who were pregnant in the early 1990s. It looked at how

Posted On June 05, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Another review reports `vaginal seeding` may do more harm than good

"Babies born via c-section do not benefit from vaginal seeding," reports the Mail Online.

Vaginal seeding is an increasingly popular practice in women who have given birth by caesarean section. It`s based on the theory that caesarean-born babies have a higher risk of various illnesses than those born vaginally,

Posted On June 01, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Researchers investigate the causes of polycystic ovary syndrome

"Fertility hope for polycystic ovary sufferers," the Mail Online reports.

This is a simplistic interpretation of a complex study that aimed to investigate hormone imbalances in pregnant women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and the possibility

Posted On May 18, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Vigorous activity may be linked to improved chance of pregnancy

"Just 4 hours of vigorous exercise each week can boost a woman`s chances of getting pregnant," reports the Mail Online.

A study of 1,214 women, who had previously had 1 or 2 miscarriages, found they were more likely to get pregnant during a 6-month period if they did more than 4 hours of vigorous physical activity

Posted On May 10, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Women who eat fast food may take longer to get pregnant

"Women who eat too much junk food are twice as likely to be infertile," is the deeply misleading headline from the Mail Online.

The study it`s reporting on did not look at women who could not get pregnant. In fact, it was a study of nearly 6,000 pregnant women. It questioned what they ate in the month before

Posted On May 04, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Bath oils for childhood eczema provide `no clinical benefit`

"Bath oils used to help treat eczema in children offer no meaningful benefit as part of their care, a trial has found," reports BBC News.

Childhood eczema, also known as atopic eczema, is a common condition that causes redness and soreness of the skin. Treatments include using moisturisers (emollients), which

Posted On May 03, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Most UK women `not nutritionally prepared for pregnancy` finds review

"British women are woefully unprepared for pregnancy because they`re living unhealthy lifestyles, new research has found," reports the Metro. The coverage follows the publication of a series of reviews assessing the importance of nutrition prior to getting pregnant.

The reviews generally support our understanding

Posted On April 18, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Painkiller use in pregnancy may affect babies` future fertility

"Pregnant women who take painkillers could be harming the fertility of their unborn sons," states the Mail Online`s report on a new study about the potential effects of exposure to painkillers during pregnancy.

It would obviously be unethical to subject pregnant women and their unborn babies to potential harms,

Posted On April 17, 2018