Pregnancy And Child

Pregnancy And Child

Chemicals in cosmetics and perfumes linked to earlier puberty in girls

"Chemicals found in perfume, hand creams and body lotion may make girls go through puberty months early," reports the Mail Online.

Researchers in California looked at levels of chemicals commonly found in personal care and household products, in pregnant women and then in their children at age 9. The children

Posted On December 05, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Teens who eat meals with family `have healthier diets`

"Family meals really do improve teenagers` diets and put them on a path to healthy eating in later life – even if home life is dysfunctional," reports the Mail Online.

Researchers in the US used data from a 2011 survey of teenagers and young adults aged 14 to 24. They looked at how often they ate dinner with t

Posted On November 22, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Children`s tonsils `are being removed unnecessarily`

"Too many children have tonsils removed unnecessarily," BBC News reports.

The claim was prompted by a new study that suggests 7 out of 8 children who have their tonsils removed (tonsillectomy) will experience no benefit.

A tonsillectomy is recommended if a child has 7 or more sore throats from infected

Posted On November 06, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Health problems `more common for babies with older fathers`

"Health risk to babies of men over 45, major study warns," The Daily Telegraph reports.

A study of more than 40 million births in the US found babies born to men aged 45 or older were more likely to be born prematurely, have a low birth weight and need intensive care after birth than babies with younger fathers.

Posted On November 01, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Women `should leave at least a year between pregnancies`

"Conceiving again too soon increases the risk of premature labour, stillbirth and even maternal death," reports the Mail Online.

A new study advises women to leave 12 to 18 months between giving birth and getting pregnant again to reduce health risks to mother and baby.

Current guidance from the World

Posted On October 30, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Does TV and internet advertising feed children`s junk food habits?

"Every hour kids spend online increases chance of buying junk food by a fifth," reports The Daily Telegraph.

A Cancer Research UK survey of almost 2,500 children found those who used the internet or watched commercial television for more than half an hour a day were more likely to ask for, buy or eat junk food

Posted On October 17, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Cannabis has `more lasting effect on teenage brains than alcohol`

"Cannabis `more harmful than alcohol` for teen brains," reports BBC News.

Canadian researchers investigated the links between alcohol and cannabis use and performance on various tests of brain function in 3,826 school pupils over 4 years, starting at age 12 to 13. They found teens who used cannabis performed

Posted On October 04, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

More sleep and limiting screen time may improve children`s mental abilities

"Limiting children`s screen time linked to better cognition," reports BBC News.

A study of 4,524 children in the US found those who used screens recreationally for less than 2 hours a day did better on tests of mental functioning.

The study was designed to assess whether Canadian recommendations on

Posted On September 27, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Excess weight gain in pregnancy could pave the way to diabetes in children

"Eating for two is a myth, say researchers," reports The Guardian, saying that excessive weight gain in pregnancy is linked to the risk of diabetes in children.

Research among 905 mother and child pairs in Hong Kong found women who gained either less or more than the recommended weight during pregnancy had children

Posted On September 18, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

People conceived by IVF `may have greater risk of high blood pressure`

"People born using IVF six times more likely to suffer dangerously high blood pressure," reports The Sun.

The headline comes after the publication of a new Swiss study that looked at whether how people were conceived affected their health in later life.

This study looked at a group of 54 young people

Posted On September 04, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Concerns raised about air pollution for babies in prams

"Babies and young children in prams can be exposed to up to 60% more pollution than adults, a study suggests," BBC News reports.

The headline is prompted by a review of previously conducted studies on air pollution and possible adverse effects on young children. One study found that pollution from a diesel lorry

Posted On August 15, 2018
Pregnancy And Child

Vaping and using nicotine patches in pregnancy linked to cot death

"Using e-cigarettes or nicotine patches during pregnancy could increase the risk of cot death in newborns, an early study has found," Sky News reports.

Cot death, referred to by clinicians as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), is the sudden, unexpected

Posted On July 19, 2018