Pregnancy And Child

Pregnancy And Child

Reality TV exposing young people to alcohol and smoking

"Reality TV encourages children to drink and smoke, experts warn," The Guardian reports.

A new study measured the amount of smoking and alcohol shown in the complete series of 5 reality TV programmes aired last year: Celebrity Big Brother, Made in Chelsea, The Only Way is Essex, Geordie Shore and Love Island.

Posted On June 18, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Antibiotics after forceps and ventouse births halve infections in mothers

"Mothers` infections rates `could be halved` with routine antibiotics," reports The Daily Telegraph.

This was the result of a large UK study in which women were given a single dose of antibiotics after an assisted vaginal birth to prevent infection.

An assisted vaginal birth is when forceps or a ventouse

Posted On May 14, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

No clear evidence hormone treatment in early pregnancy helps prevent miscarriage

"Hormone [treatment] `can reduce chances of miscarriage`," reports BBC News. The rather misleading headline follows a trial looking at whether giving the hormone progesterone to women with bleeding in early pregnancy could prevent miscarriage.

Miscarriage is defined as

Posted On May 09, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Social media effect on teen life satisfaction `is tiny`, study reports

"Time spent on social media has only a `trivial` impact on life satisfaction among adolescents," reports The Guardian.

There is a widespread assumption that social media use is having an negative effect on the mental wellbeing of today`s teenagers. But a new study questions whether this assumption is backed up

Posted On May 07, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Guidelines issued on activity and screen time for babies and toddlers

"Kids under two should never be allowed to watch any screens – or they`ll get fat," warns the Sun.

The alarming headline gives the flavour of reports in much of the UK media about the World Health Organization`s (WHO) recommendations on how much time e

Posted On April 25, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Screen time may increase chances of attention problems in children aged 3 to 5

"How just 2 hours` screen time a day as a toddler can make children more likely to `be badly behaved or have ADHD`," the Mail Online reports.

Researchers in Canada looked at parents` reports of how much time their children spent using screens each day at age 3 and 5.

They compared screen time with scores

Posted On April 18, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Scan mums-to-be at 36 weeks for breech births, says study

"Breech baby scan `would save lives`," reports BBC News.

Researchers in Cambridge scanned around 4,000 women at 36 weeks to see whether their babies were in the breech position, meaning their bottom would come out first.

Babies are usually born head-first, and a breech presentation can be risky for

Posted On April 17, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

E-cigarettes `do not promote smoking in teens`

"The sharp increase in the use of e-cigarettes has not led more British children to take up cigarettes or regard smoking as normal," The Guardian reports.

There`s been some concern about the popularity of e-cigarettes among young people, and whether it could increase the number of teen smokers by making smoking

Posted On April 02, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Are children`s ball pits really `riddled with killer germs`?

"Children`s ball pit play areas contain dozens of killer germs," reports the Mail Online.

Ball pits, a popular form of play for children, are sometimes used by physiotherapists working with children, especially those with autism. But commercial ball pits in shopping centres and restaurants have previously been

Posted On March 25, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

First-time mothers `lose an hour`s sleep a night` after childbirth

"New parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation," warns The Guardian.

In a new study, researchers carried out annual interviews with 4,659 people who had a child during the 8-year study period. They were asked how long they slept each night and how satisfied they were with their sleep.

Women and

Posted On February 27, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Screen time linked to `delayed development` in young children

"Letting a toddler spend lots of time using screens may delay their development of skills such as language and sociability," BBC News reports.

Researchers followed over 2,000 children in Canada from birth up to the age of 5, with screen time assessments performed from age 2 years onwards.

Screen time

Posted On January 29, 2019
Pregnancy And Child

Removing snacks from supermarket checkouts cuts unhealthy purchases

"Banning sweets at supermarket checkouts `works`," reports BBC News.

Arrays of sweets, chocolate and crisps at supermarket checkouts has long been blamed for prompting impulse buys, and for children pestering parents while they wait in the queue.

In recent years, some supermarkets have introduced policies

Posted On December 20, 2018