Regular exercise for the over-50s `sharpens the mind`

"Doing moderate exercise several times a week is the best way to keep the mind sharp if you`re over 50," BBC News reports.

A review of existing data found both aerobic exercise and strength training appeared to improve cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, and how well people carry out tasks. 

Posted On April 26, 2017

Two older drugs could be `repurposed` to fight dementia

"Depression and cancer drugs offer hope for dementia sufferers," Sky News reports. The headline is prompted by a study looking at the effect of two drugs – one used to treat depression and another being trialled for cancer treatment – on neurodegenerative diseases.

Neurodegenerative diseases are conditions that ca

Posted On April 20, 2017

Tea not proven to `shield you against dementia`

"It`s tea time! How at least two cups a day can shield you from dementia," reports the Mail Online. This rather optimistic headline reports on a Singaporean study of around 900 Chinese people aged 55 and above.

The study searched for a potential link between tea consumption and development of dementia. It found

Posted On April 07, 2017

Researchers discover the role of hormone in `creating fat`

"Why stress can make you overweight: Hormones turn normal cells into dangerous fat," the Mail Online reports. The headline is prompted by research into the newly discovered role of the Adamts1 hormone in the formation of fat cells.

Findings from the animal and laboratory study suggest the Adamts1 hormone can

Posted On October 28, 2016

People with `obesity gene` can still lose weight

"No excuses not to slim as `fat gene` found not to affect ability to lose weight," reports The Daily Telegraph.

It is one of several news outlets to report on research suggesting people who put on weight easily because of a genetic variant do just as well as other people on weight loss interventions such as diet,

Posted On September 21, 2016

Obesity `now a leading cause of death; especially in men`

"Being overweight or obese puts men at a greater risk of dying prematurely than women," BBC News reports.

A survey of global trends found obesity was now second only to smoking as a cause of premature death in Europe. A study of almost 4 million people from 32 countries showed that being overweight (as well

Posted On July 14, 2016

BMI categories may need adjusting, argue researchers

"Being overweight may not be as unhealthy as it was 40 years ago," BBC News reports.

New research has found a body mass index (BMI) of 27 is linked to the lowest rate of death – but someone with a BMI of 27 is currently classed as being overweight.


Posted On May 11, 2016

Can you really `catch` obesity?

"Obesity could be contagious like superbug C diff, suggest scientists," The Daily Telegraph reports. This rather alarming headline follows a study that explored characteristics of bacteria living in the human gut.

The study did not, however, look at any link to obesity. There`s no reason to think that you can

Posted On May 05, 2016

Global obesity rates expected to soar in next decade

"One-fifth of adults worldwide will be obese by 2025," The Guardian reports, while The Sun warns that the "UK`s population to be fattest in Europe" by the same date. These are just some of the conclusions of a major modelling study of global obesity trends.

The study used data covering 19.2 million adults in

Posted On April 01, 2016

The idea you can be fat but fit is `a myth` study argues

"No, you can`t be fat and fit, say the experts," the Daily Mail reports. A major study involving more than a million men seems to contradict the idea that "obese individuals can fully compensate mortality risk by being physically fit".

The idea that you can be "fat but fit" is based on the idea that a high degree

Posted On December 21, 2015

Can overweight men pass obesity risk to their children?

"Are you fat because of your dad?" is the Mail Online`s bold question to its readers, explaining that "Men`s weight directly affects genes in sperm linked to appetite and brain development".

This was based on a new study that found a man`s weight influences the genes in his sperm.

This small study showed

Posted On December 04, 2015

Normal BMI with a big belly `deadlier than obesity`

"Slim adults with a `spare tyre` of fat around their stomach have a twice as high mortality risk than those who are overweight," The Daily Telegraph reports.

A major new study tracked more than 15,000 adults to look at the effect of body size on mortality.

Researchers looked at two types of measurement:

Posted On November 10, 2015