`Brain changes` could provide early warning sign for Parkinson`s disease

"Scientists say they have identified the earliest signs of Parkinson`s disease in the brain, 15 to 20 years before symptoms appear," BBC News reports.

Parkinson`s disease is a degenerative brain condition caused by loss of nerve cells that produce the chemical dopamine,

Posted On June 20, 2019

Warning that strobe lighting used at music festivals could trigger seizures

"Music festival lighting `can trigger epileptic fits`," reports BBC News.

Dutch researchers used records from a company providing medical services to music festivals to investigate the number of festival goers treated for epileptic seizures (fits).

They looked at 28 electronic dance music festivals

Posted On June 12, 2019

Fewer now dying from strokes, but numbers having them go up in the young

"Stroke deaths in England halved in a decade," reports The Guardian, but the Sun warns us that, "Stroke rates are rocketing among young Brits due to obesity and cocaine use".

Both headlines were prompted by a new study where researchers looked at NHS stroke data from between 2001 and 2010.

They found

Posted On May 23, 2019

Can doing a daily crossword or Sudoku puzzle keep your brain young?


"Older adults who regularly do Sudoku or crosswords have sharper brains that are 10 YEARS younger," reports the Mail Online.

In 2 linked studies, researchers asked people aged 50 to 93 to fill in online surveys, which included questions about whether they regularly did number puzzles (like

Posted On May 16, 2019

New type of dementia identified

"Form of dementia that `mimics` Alzheimer`s symptoms discovered," reports The Guardian.

An international team of researchers has proposed a name for a type of brain disease that causes dementia symptoms: Limbic-predominant Age-related TDP-43 Encephalopathy, or LATE.

The name brings together previously

Posted On May 01, 2019

Eye test can pick up Alzheimer`s, study claims


"Alzheimer`s disease can be spotted through simple eye test," reports the Daily Telegraph.

A new study has found that people with Alzheimer`s had fewer blood vessels and less blood flow in the retina (back of their eye).

The Alzheimer-linked

Posted On March 12, 2019

Women`s brains `may age slower` than men`s

"Women`s brains are nearly four years younger than men`s, at least in how they burn fuel, according to scans performed by US researchers," The Guardian reports.

A group of researchers from the US took specialist brain scans from nearly 200 healthy adults aged between 20 and 80. They used the scans to calculate

Posted On February 05, 2019

Gum disease linked to Alzheimer`s, study claims

"Gum disease bug could play `central role` in development of Alzheimer`s," The Independent reports.

The causes of Alzheimer`s disease are still debated. Most scientists think it is likely to be down to a combination of factors, including your genes and lifestyle.

But some believe it may be caused by

Posted On January 24, 2019

A blood test for Alzheimer`s remains a distant possibility, study suggests

Researchers have developed a blood test that can predict your chances of getting Alzheimer`s, claim several media reports.

But any suggestion of a major breakthrough is a little hasty. The research only involved people with a rare hereditary form of Alzheimer`s disease caused by genetic mutations (Dominantly

Posted On January 22, 2019

`Exercise hormone` may play a role in combating Alzheimer`s disease

"An `exercise pill` mimicking the effects of a gym workout could prevent Alzheimer`s disease," the Daily Mirror reports.

The "pill" is actually a reference to a protein called irisin. Irisin has been dubbed the "exercise hormone" because previous research found it`s released from muscles in response to physical

Posted On January 08, 2019

New treatment for multiple sclerosis has promising initial results

"Hope for multiple sclerosis patients as scientists discover attacking the glandular fever virus can combat symptoms," reports the Mail Online.

This virus – called the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) – "is found in almost all people with multiple sclerosis and has long been thought to cause it," explains the news sit

Posted On November 27, 2018

High-carb, low-protein diet `may keep brain young` – at least in mice

"Low-protein, high-carb diet may help ward off dementia," reports The Guardian.

Researchers studying mice kept on different diets found that mice on either restricted-calorie diets or low-protein, high-carbohydrate diets showed differences in the hippocampus region of the brain compared with mice fed on other

Posted On November 21, 2018