Widely used class of drugs linked to dementia

"Common drugs taken by millions `increase risk of dementia by 50%`, experts warn," The Sun reports. The drugs in question are known as anticholinergics. Anticholinergics are drugs that block the nerve chemical acetylcholine, which transmits signals to muscles and glands in the body such as ones releasing saliva or digestive

Posted On June 25, 2019

Honey `as good as antiviral creams` for cold sores

"Honey is `just as effective at treating cold sores as anti-viral creams`," the Mail Online reports.

Cold sores are skin infections around the mouth caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). You catch the virus through direct skin contact with another person who has the

Posted On May 28, 2019

Statins `do not work` for half of people prescribed them, study reports

"Statins are not effective at lowering cholesterol levels for half of patients," the Daily Mirror reports.

Statins are a widely used and well established medicine for lowering cholesterol.

A large body of evidence has shown that statins are effective in reducing so-called

Posted On April 16, 2019

`Small` increase in risk of Alzheimer`s disease with HRT use, study suggests

"Millions of women who take HRT pills may face a greater risk of Alzheimer`s," warns the Mail Online.

A study identified all postmenopausal women in Finland who`d been diagnosed with Alzheimer`s disease over a 14-year period. It compared their use of HRT

Posted On March 07, 2019

`No link between MMR and autism,` major study finds

"The MMR jab does not lead to autism: Scientists debunk controversial theory yet again," reports the Mail Online.

A major study has confirmed yet again that there`s no link between autism and the MMR vaccine, which protects

Posted On March 05, 2019

Aspirin bleeding risk `balances out` lower heart attack risk in `worried well`

"Daily dose of aspirin `not worth risk` as study warns of bleeding side-effects," reports The Daily Telegraph.

Aspirin slows the ability of the blood to form clots, which means it can reduce the chances of dangerous blood clots causing heart attacks and strokes. However, the

Posted On January 23, 2019

HRT patches and gels `may be safer` than tablets for older women

"HRT tablets linked to higher risk of rare blood clots," reports The Guardian.

We have known for more than 10 years that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can raise the risk of rare but serious blood clots in the

Posted On January 10, 2019

New treatment for peanut allergies shows promise

"Peanut allergy treatment `in sight`," reports BBC News, on a study investigating the effectiveness of a new drug to reduce the symptoms seen in people with severe peanut allergies.

Peanut allergy is increasingly common in children in countries such as the US and UK, and usually continues into adulthood. There

Posted On November 20, 2018

Blood pressure drug linked to possible small increased risk of lung cancer

"Blood pressure pills taken by millions may raise risk of lung cancer," reports The Daily Telegraph.

Researchers used medical records to compare cancer outcomes for almost 1 million patients treated with different high blood pressure drugs. They found people who took one type of drug, called an angiotensin converting

Posted On October 25, 2018

Calls for guidelines to be revised over antidepressant withdrawal symptoms

"Antidepressants cause withdrawal symptoms in over half of patients who try to quit them, review shows," reports The Independent.

A review of the evidence about antidepressant withdrawal symptoms found more people may experience them for longer than previously thought, and many people describe these symptoms

Posted On October 03, 2018

Concerns raised about older adults mixing prescription drugs and herbal remedies

"One million over-65s could be suffering dangerous side effects from mixing `hazardous` combinations of drugs and herbal remedies, study warns," reports the Mail Online.

This follows a postal survey of 149 adults aged 65 and above from southeast England. The survey wanted to see whether people were choosing to

Posted On September 25, 2018

HIV vaccine `shows promising results in humans`

"HIV vaccine human trials leave scientists `cautiously pleased`," The Independent reports, following the results of a new clinical trial that tested a HIV vaccine in both humans and monkeys.

Researchers recruited 393 people from a number of countries to take part in the trial.

These people were healthy

Posted On July 09, 2018