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Medical Practice

No good evidence supplements protect against heart disease and early death

"Multivitamins do not reduce risk of cardiovascular disease or prolong life, study finds," the Sun reports, while The Daily Telegraph warns that, "Some vitamin supplements can increase risk of a stroke".

Both headlines were prompted by a major new review looking at evidence from 277 trials on the effect of

Posted On July 09, 2019
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`Pregnancy hormone` may help treat frozen shoulder

"A hormone most commonly produced during pregnancy could be used to treat a painful joint condition according to new research," the Mail Online reports.

The research involved rats who`d undergone surgery to replicate what`s commonly called frozen shoulder in humans.

This is where scar tissue builds

Posted On June 04, 2019
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More research needed to show if faecal transplants help autistic children

The Mail Online reports: “Autism symptoms can be reduced 50% in children who received faecal transplants.” But further research on a much larger group of people is needed to show if the treatment works.

Faecal transplants, originally designed to treat C.diff infections, involve receiving a transplant of gut mic

Posted On April 10, 2019
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Health impact of genetic `iron-overdose disease` may have been underestimated

"Hundreds of thousands could be suffering with `stealth disease` caused by common genetic disorder," reports the Mail Online.

The "stealth disorder" in question is called haemochromatosis, a hereditary condition where the body absorbs too much iron from the diet. In

Posted On January 17, 2019
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Vaginal mesh surgery should be a last resort, says NICE

Vaginal mesh surgery should only be used as a "last resort" to treat pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, it was widely reported today.

The advice is included in new draft guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), with formal guidance expected in April 2019.

Posted On October 09, 2018
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UK life expectancy drops while other western countries improve

The Mail Online reports that "Britain and the US are the only 2 western nations where life expectancy is falling," describing a study looking at changes in longevity in high-income countries.

Researchers in the US looked at changes in life expectancy across 17 high-income countries over recent years.

Posted On August 16, 2018
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Reports that `women doctors should treat women with heart attacks` unsupported

"Women more likely to survive heart attack if treated by female doctor," reports The Guardian. This is based on a US study that looked at whether doctor gender made any difference to what happened when patients arrived at hospital with a heart attack.

Researchers looked at records from Florida Hospital emergency

Posted On August 07, 2018
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New guidelines issued on the `STI most people have never heard of`

"Emerging sex disease MG `could become next superbug`," reports BBC News about a sexually transmitted bacterial infection (STI) called mycoplasma genitalium (MG), which is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics.

Meanwhile the Mail Online described it as the "`stealth` STI that makes women infertile"

Posted On July 11, 2018
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Seeing same doctor every time `reduces risk of death`

"Seeing the same doctor each time you need medical care might reduce your risk of death, research suggests," The Guardian reports.

The story was prompted by a review of data gathered by 22 previous studies to see whether continuity of care – seeing the same doctor – had any link with premature death (mortality ris

Posted On June 29, 2018
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New, more powerful MRI scanners may cause fillings to leak mercury

"Metal fillings `leak mercury after scan`," reports BBC News. Experiments found teeth with fillings put through new higher powered MRI scanners released more mercury into a test tube of artificial saliva than teeth exposed to conventional lower powered scanners.


Posted On June 27, 2018
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Most multivitamins and supplements are a `waste of money`

"Not only are vitamin and mineral supplements a waste of money, they can in some instances actually harm the body," reports The Guardian.

A new Canadian review pooled the findings from existing research into the role of vitamin and mineral supplements for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular

Posted On May 29, 2018
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Cannabis oil may help treat rare type of epilepsy

"Cannabis oil could treat epilepsy," is the misleading headline from the Mail Online.

This story relates to a rare, severe form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The condition develops at a young age and is characterised by frequent "drop" seizures, where a person

Posted On May 18, 2018