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`Regular sex keeps you younger` claims are unsupported

"Scientists have found you can hold back the hands of time with a regular romp," is The Sun`s typically colourful headline.

While a healthy sex life may be a good thing, the research in question isn`t exactly mind blowing.

The study

Posted On July 17, 2017
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Does having a `sense of purpose` in life help you sleep better?

"Sense of purpose aids sleep, US scientists find," The Guardian reports on a new study that explored the relationship between having a sense of purpose in life and quality of sleep in older adults.

The study analysed data from 800 older adults with an average age of 80 in the US.

Researchers found that

Posted On July 10, 2017
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Middle-aged office workers `sit down more` than OAPs

"Middle-aged male office workers `more sedentary than over-75-year-olds`," The Daily Telegraph reports.

A survey in Scotland suggests previous studies may have underestimated sedentary behaviour in middle-age by not asking about time at work, which for many people increasingly involves sitting at a desk.

Posted On June 27, 2017
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Cold water `just as good as hot` for handwashing

"Antibacterial handwash is NO better than soap – and cold water kills as many germs as hot, experts claim," The Sun reports.

These were the main findings of a study looking at various methods of handwashing.

But the researchers only tested for E.coli bacteria, a leading c

Posted On June 01, 2017
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Does meditation carry a risk of harmful side effects?

"Meditation can leave you feeling even more stressed," the Daily Mail reports.

The claim is prompted by a study of 60 practitioners of Buddhist meditation in the US which found they`d had a range of "challenging or difficult" experiences associated with the practice.

However, it`s not clear how relevant

Posted On May 26, 2017
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Fitness trackers` calorie measurements are prone to error

"Fitness trackers out of step when measuring calories, research shows," The Guardian reports. An independent analysis of a number of leading brands found they were all prone to inaccurate recording of energy expenditure.

Researchers recruited 60 participants to take part in a range of exercises while having their

Posted On May 26, 2017
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`Fat but fit` still at higher risk of heart disease

"The idea that people can be fat but medically fit is a myth," reports BBC News.

The story is based on research from scientists at the University of Birmingham, reported at a medical conference but not yet published.

The researchers used information from a UK database of GP records covering 3.5 million

Posted On May 17, 2017
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Can fizzy water make you fat?

"Fizzy water could cause obesity by encouraging you to eat more," The Daily Telegraph reports.

Researchers aimed to see whether it could be the carbonation in soft drinks – rather than the sugar – that explains the link between soft drinks and obesity.

Overall, they found rats that drank diet or reg

Posted On May 15, 2017
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Evidence behind reports of new baldness cure is a little thin

"Scientists studying cancer stumble on `breakthrough` in search for baldness cure," announces The Daily Telegraph, adding that not only does this mean "a cream or ointment may soon cure baldness or stop hair turning grey" but also it could one day ... explain why we age".

Sadly for those of us with grey, or

Posted On May 08, 2017
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Children with regular bedtimes `less likely to become obese`

"Regular bedtimes make children less likely to be obese as adults," is the slightly misleading Mail Online headline. This follows a study looking at the link between household routines in early childhood and obesity at age 11.

Researchers analysed data about children in the

Posted On April 24, 2017
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Reported link between diet drinks and dementia and stroke is weak

"Diet drinks triple your risk of stroke and dementia," the Daily Mail reports, as US research found a link between daily intake and increased risk. However, the chain of evidence is not as strong as reported.

The researchers analysed data from an ongoing US cohort study to see if consumption of sugar or artificially

Posted On April 21, 2017
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Mixing alcohol and energy drinks `may be a risky cocktail`

"Mixing energy drinks with alcohol could be a risky combination, leading to a greater risk of accidents and injuries," BBC News report.

A review of evidence found a number of potential risks, but the picture was not as clear-cut as reported.

Energy drinks are drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine.

Posted On March 23, 2017