Heart And Lungs

Heart And Lungs

First time flu infection may affect lifetime immunity

"A person`s chances of falling ill from a new strain of flu are at least partly determined by the first strain they ever encountered, a study suggests," BBC News reports.

Researchers created a data analysis study, based on historic data, which aimed to look at the reasons why past flu epidemics of influenza A

Posted On November 14, 2016
Heart And Lungs

Worrying about health linked to heart disease

"Worried well `make themselves sick`," reports The Daily Telegraph.

Several other news outlets covered the same story with headlines about how the "worried well" may be more likely to develop heart disease.

The stories are based on a Norwegian population study with 7,052 participants that aimed to see

Posted On November 04, 2016
Heart And Lungs

`Statins in a tube`: Could a new toothpaste prevent heart disease?

"Brushing teeth thoroughly to remove plaque could help prevent heart attacks … by reducing inflammation," The Daily Telegraph reports.

A study found that "Plaque HD" toothpaste was related to a drop in inflammation levels (but this could have been coincidental), but it did not investigate if this had any long-term e

Posted On October 20, 2016
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Contraceptive pills not proven to protect against the flu

"How taking the pill could protect you from the flu," was the curious headline on a recent Mail Online article.

The equally curious animal study involved female mice who had their ovaries surgically removed – half were then given progesterone implants, half weren`t.

Progesterone is one of the active i

Posted On September 19, 2016
Heart And Lungs

Statins are `safe, effective and should be used more widely`

"The benefits of statins are hugely underestimated and far outweigh any harm," the Daily Mail reports.

A major review also argues that the risks of statins have been exaggerated by both the media and some sections of the medical profession.

The review in question explored a variety of evidence to weigh

Posted On September 09, 2016
Heart And Lungs

Vitamin D `protects against severe asthma attacks`

"Vitamin D supplements could halve risk of serious asthma attacks," The Guardian reports. A review of previous data found that vitamin D supplements could have a protective effect against serious asthma attacks when taken alongside normal asthma t

Posted On September 06, 2016
Heart And Lungs

One in three heart attack cases `misdiagnosed`

BBC News reports a "third [of people] given wrong initial heart attack diagnosis", while The Sun makes the totally unsupported claim that "Doctors miss heart attacks in women `because they expect victims to be fat, middle-aged men`."

These headlines are based on a study that analysed a database containing information

Posted On August 30, 2016
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UK heart disease and stroke death rates now lower than cancer

"Heart disease deaths now lower than cancer – but obesity crisis means this may not last," the Daily Mirror reports. A major review of European trends in cardiovascular disease deaths found that UK cancer deaths overtook cardiovascular deaths in 2014.

Cardiovascular d

Posted On August 15, 2016
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New drug for severe asthma `shows massive promise`

"Asthma drug `gamechanger` could revolutionise treatment," The Guardian reports after a new drug called fevipiprant showed promising results in a small study of 61 people with moderate to severe asthma.

Asthma is a lung condition that can cause inflammation of the airways, wh

Posted On August 08, 2016
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`Netflix and kill?` Binge watching box-sets linked to blood clots

"Binge watching TV can actually kill you, study finds," The Independent reports in a somewhat exaggerated manner. The Japanese study its report is based on looked at prolonged TV watching and the risk of blood clots, and only found a very weak association.

Researchers were specifically looking at deaths caused

Posted On July 26, 2016
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Heart attacks linked to media statin reports ... reports media

"Don`t give up your statins: Experts say warnings that made patients stop taking vital drug have put lives at risk," the Daily Mail reports.

This was the same newspaper that told us two weeks ago that "statins may be a waste of time", so you might be forgiven for being a little confused.

In October

Posted On June 29, 2016
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Study says there`s no link between cholesterol and heart disease

"Controversial report claims there`s no link between `bad cholesterol` and heart disease," the Daily Mail reports, while The Times states: "Bad cholesterol `helps you live longer`,".

The headlines are based on a new review which aimed to gather evidence from previous observational studies on whether LDL cholesterol

Posted On June 13, 2016