Heart And Lungs

Heart And Lungs

Vitamin D may prevent asthma worsening for some

"Vitamin D supplements protect against severe asthma attacks," The Daily Telegraph reports.

The headline was prompted by a review that pooled data from seven trials comparing taking vitamin D supplements with a placebo in people with asthma.

The researchers wanted to see whether vitamin D reduced the

Posted On October 05, 2017
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Statins cut heart deaths in men by 28%, study finds

"Statins cut the risk of dying from heart disease by 28% among men, according to the longest study of its kind," The Guardian reports.

Statins help reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad cholesterol", in the blood. This in turn helps reduce the risk of

Posted On September 07, 2017
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One in 10 men aged 50 `have the heart of a 60-year-old`

"One-tenth of 50-year-old men have a heart age 10 years older than they are," BBC News reports. This is the finding of an analysis of 1.2 million people who used the NHS Heart Age Test.

The principle behind the test is that

Posted On September 04, 2017
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Going to university may cut your risk of heart disease

"Why gaining a degree could help you live longer," The Daily Telegraph reports. A new gene study found people with genes associated with spending longer in education had around a 33% reduced risk of developing heart disease.

One of the practical difficulties about

Posted On September 01, 2017
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Anti-inflammatory drug may help prevent heart attacks

"Anti-inflammatory drug `cuts heart attack risk`," BBC News reports. A major study found canakinumab – an anti-inflammatory drug originally designed to treat rheumatoid arthritis – could also reduce the risk of having another heart attack in people who have already had one.

The study included more than 10,000 peo

Posted On August 30, 2017
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`Exercise pill` could potentially help people with heart failure

“Pill that mimics effects of going to the gym could transform lives of heart failure patients,” the Daily Mirror reports. While the news sounds promising, it is important to make clear this research involved rodents, not people.

Heart failure is when the heart is unable to

Posted On August 09, 2017
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More older adults `may benefit from taking statins,` study reports

"Nearly all men over 60 and women over 75 eligible for statins, analysis suggests," The Guardian reports.

This is the finding of a study that aimed to see how many people in England would qualify for statin use if the 2014 NICE guidelines for statin therapy in adults were followed.


Posted On August 01, 2017
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Long working week `may increase risk of irregular heartbeat`

"Long working days can cause heart problems, study says," The Guardian reports.

Researchers found people who work 55 or more hours a week had an increased risk of developing a type of irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, where the heart can beat very

Posted On July 14, 2017
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Can coffee machines and kettles spread toxic spores?

"Your coffee machine could be making you ill," the Mail Online reports, saying that steam released by the machine could be creating the perfect conditions for fungi to grow. The Sun reports a similar risk for kettles and showers.

But before you throw out your expensive coffee pod machine or trusty kettle, the

Posted On June 26, 2017
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Sex link to older people`s brain power, says study

"Sex is the key to staying sharp in old age," reports the Mail Online after researchers found older people who have regular sex scored better on two of five brain tests.

Participants who had sex at least once a week scored higher on tests that measured their verbal fluency and spatial awareness compared with

Posted On June 22, 2017
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Blood test may show if prostate cancer treatment is working

"Prostate cancer blood test helps target treatment," BBC News reports.

A study found a blood test could detect which men with advanced prostate cancer would benefit from new drug treatment.

Researchers analysed blood samples from nearly 50 men taking part in a trial of a new drug (olaparib) for prostate

Posted On June 19, 2017
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Beta-blockers `useless` for many heart attack patients, study reports

"Many patients given beta blockers after a heart attack may not benefit from being on the drugs, suggesting they may be being overprescribed," The Guardian reports.

Beta-blockers are drugs used to regulate the heart by making it beat more slowly and with less force. They

Posted On May 30, 2017