Heart And Lungs

Heart And Lungs

High blood pressure and cholesterol in young adults linked to heart disease in later life

"Doctors should prescribe statins to patients at a younger age to slash their odds of heart disease in later life, a study suggests," reports The Sun.

Researchers in the US modelled the risk factors of 36,030 people who took part in 6 long-running studies. They estimated the effects of high cholesterol and

Posted On July 16, 2019
Heart And Lungs

Asthma attacks triple when children return to school in September

"Child asthma cases can triple at the start of the school year as returning to the classroom exposes pupils to coughs and colds," reports the Mail Online.

Doctors have suspected for years that children are more likely to need medical help for asthma in the weeks after returning to school from the summer holidays.

Posted On July 03, 2019
Heart And Lungs

Does more leg fat protect women against heart attack and stroke?

"Leg fat `better than belly fat` for older women," reports BBC News.

Researchers looked at the body composition of 2,683 women in the US who were a healthy weight and had been through the menopause.

They found women who had a higher percentage of fat around their trunk were more likely to have a

Posted On July 02, 2019
Heart And Lungs

Heart scan may detect young people at risk of sudden cardiac death

Heart scan "could pick up signs of sudden death risk", BBC News reports.

Cases often make the headlines of young, seemingly healthy people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest (where the heart suddenly stops beating), often during sports activity, such as in the case of footballer Fabrice Muamba (who thankfully

Posted On May 21, 2019
Heart And Lungs

Can erection problem medicines help reverse heart failure?

"Viagra-like erectile dysfunction drug Cialis may tackle heart disease too," reports the Sun.

Researchers investigated the effect of the medicine tadalafil, brand name Cialis, on sheep hearts.

Cialis is in the same group of medicines as the better-known Viagra, which are used to treat impotence

Posted On May 02, 2019
Heart And Lungs

New cholesterol-lowering drug shows promise

"New fat-busting pill slashes heart attacks and strokes with no statin side-effects, researchers claim," reads The Sun`s rather inaccurate headline.

A study has looked into the safety of a new treatment to lower low-density lipoprotein (LDL), commonly known as "bad" cholesterol.

High cholesterol

Posted On March 14, 2019
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Struggling to do push-ups? You may be at risk of heart disease

"How many push-ups you can do could predict your risk of heart disease," the Metro reports.

The headline is prompted by a new study involving around 1,000 male firefighters (average age 40) from Indiana in the US, who attended regular physical and medical assessments during a 10-year period.


Posted On February 19, 2019
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E-cigs `twice as effective` than nicotine patches, gum or sprays for quitting

"E-cigarettes are almost twice as effective at helping smokers give up tobacco than other alternatives such as nicotine patches or gum," Sky News reports.

E-cigarettes deliver a vaporised dose of nicotine, the addictive substance in tobacco. They don`t

Posted On January 31, 2019
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Are you experiencing a post-Christmas cholesterol level `spike`?

"Christmas and New Year are bad for your cholesterol: Levels are 20% higher after the festive period," reports the Mail Online.

Scientists in Denmark tested the cholesterol levels of more than 25,000 Danes, as part of an ongoing health study, and looked at seasonal variations in the results. They found average

Posted On January 02, 2019
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Could some people benefit from a higher dosage of statins?

"Increasing statin dose could prevent thousands of heart attacks and strokes a year," The Daily Telegraph reports.

Statins are medicines that help lower cholesterol levels and are used as a preventative treatment in people thought to have an increased risk of cardiovascular

Posted On December 10, 2018
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Smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure increase risk of heart attack more in women than men

"Women at greater risk of heart attack from unhealthy lifestyle than men," reports The Daily Telegraph.

Overall, men have a higher chance of heart attack than women, but certain risk factors such as smoking may close the gap between women and men.

Researchers looked at records of almost 472,000

Posted On November 08, 2018
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Smoking and alcohol affect teenagers` artery health

"Teenagers who drink [alcohol] and smoke even moderate amounts can suffer stiffening arteries by the age of 17, a new study has found," The Daily Telegraph reports.

Stiffening of the arteries doesn`t usually cause any noticeable symptoms, but is a possible indicator of future vascular problems such as high blood

Posted On August 30, 2018