Genetics And Stem Cells

Genetics And Stem Cells

Lab-grown corneas could prevent blindness

“Scientists regrow corneas in breakthrough that could pave the way for a cure for blindness,” reports the Mail Online.

Researchers in the US have found a way to identify the stem cells that renew the cornea (the clear layer that covers the front of the eye), and have used them to grow normal corneas in mice.

Posted On July 03, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Frozen testicle tissue produces mice offspring

“A sample of frozen testicle has been used to produce live offspring in experiments on mice,” BBC News reports. 

While this may seem like a strange study to conduct, the aim is to preserve the fertility of boys affected by childhood cancers such as acute lymp

Posted On July 02, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Cannabis use `genetically linked` to schizophrenia

“Study finds people predisposed to [schizophrenia] and drug users share common genes,” the Mail Online reports. A new study suggests that ‘schizophrenia’ genes are associated with cannabis use.

It has long been known that there is an association between cannabis use and schizophrenia – but the “direction of travel”

Posted On June 25, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Making mosquitoes male may manage malaria

"Mosquitoes modified to only give birth to males in bid to wipe out malaria," The Daily Telegraph reports after new research has found an innovative way of tackling the global problem of malaria.

The technique used in this latest research is both brutal and elegant. Female mosquitoes, which spread malaria

Posted On June 11, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Cannabis and sunshine may damage sperm quality

``Cannabis doubles younger men`s risk of infertility, study finds,`` reports The Independent. The same study also found a drop in sperm quality during the summer months.

The paper reported on the results of a study that saw men attending fertility clinics, looking at the effects of lifestyle on one element of

Posted On June 05, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

FTO `fat gene` may make people more impulsive

"Carriers of the FTO gene are more likely to succumb to impulsive hunger pangs and prefer high-calorie foods," the Mail Online reports.

A study of carriers of a variant of the FTO gene found reduced activity in areas of the brain associated with impulse control. This was associated with changes in weight, br

Posted On May 29, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Can mental trauma be passed on through sperm?

"Traumatic experiences can be inherited, as major shocks alter how cells in the body work," The Daily Telegraph reports.

But before you start blaming mum and dad for your problems, the research it reports on only involved mice.

The study looked at how traumatic stress in the early life of male mice

Posted On April 24, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Should people with `fat genes` avoid fried food?

"Eating fried food is more likely to make you fat if you have `obesity genes`," The Independent reports after a study in the BMJ suggested that those with a genetic predisposition towards obesity should avoid fried food.

The news is based on a US study that analysed interactions

Posted On March 19, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Reliability of stem cell `breakthrough` questioned

"Stem cell `breakthrough data inappropriately handled`," BBC News reports.

In January, scientists in Japan described how they used acid baths to simply and cheaply generate stem cells.

But the BBC has reported that this widely heralded breakthrough for stem cell science may not be all it seems.

Posted On March 17, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Do short people also have smaller IQs?

“They’re already called ‘vertically challenged’ – but are short people intellectually challenged too?” is the headline in the Mail Online. The website reports on a gene study which found taller people were more likely to have a genetic makeup associated with increased intelligence.

The study analysed 6,815 unrel

Posted On March 04, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Draft regulations on `three parent` IVF published

Draft regulations  into what is known as "three person IVF" – or mitochondria replacement – have been published by the Department of Healt

Posted On February 28, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Is there such a thing as a `lazy gene`?

"A mutation in a gene with a critical role in the brain could explain why some people are `couch potatoes`,"  The Independent reports, while the Mail Online claims that "there might soon be a pill to get you moving".

Both headlines are way off the mark – the underlying study did not involve humans, but mice. Re

Posted On February 17, 2014