Genetics And Stem Cells

Genetics And Stem Cells

MPs vote to give the go-ahead to three-parent IVF

“In an historic move, MPs have voted in favour of the creation of babies with DNA from two women and one man,” BBC News reports. The UK is set to become the first country to license the technique known as three-parent IVF, which could potentially be used to prevent babies being born with mitochondrial diseases.

Posted On February 04, 2015
Genetics And Stem Cells

Could `DNA editing` lead to designer babies?

"Rapid progress in genetics is making `designer babies` more likely and society needs to be prepared," BBC News reports.

The headline is prompted by advances in “DNA editing”, which may eventually lead to genetically modified babies (though that is a very big “may”).

The research in question involve

Posted On January 19, 2015
Genetics And Stem Cells

Gene therapy could help with inherited blindness

"Procedure to restore sight in dogs gives hope for future blindness cure," The Independent reports.

Researchers have restored some modest degree of light sensitivity (though not full vision) in animals who have a similar condition to retinitis pigmentosa.

Retinitis pigmentosa is an umbrella term for

Posted On December 10, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Stem cells could repair Parkinson`s damage

"Stem cells can be used to heal the damage in the brain caused by Parkinson`s disease," BBC News reports following the results of new Swedish research in rats.

This study saw researchers transplant stem cells into rats` brains. These cells then developed into dopamine-producing brain cells.


Posted On November 07, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Genes may play a role in Ebola survival chances

"Genetic factors could play an important role in whether people survive the Ebola virus," BBC News reports. Researchers found around one in five mice remained unaffected by the infection.

Researchers investigated how mice with a different genetic make-up responded to Ebola infection

Posted On October 31, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Details of autism genes uncovered in global study

“A massive international study has started to unpick the ‘fine details’ of why some people develop autism,” BBC News reports.

A team of international researchers looked for variations in the DNA sequences of the genes in 3,871 people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and

Posted On October 30, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Stem cells used to improve low vision

"Embryonic stem cells transplanted into eyes of blind restore sight," The Daily Telegraph reports, covering a study where human stem cells were transplanted into the eyes of people with visual impairment. This led to a significant improvement in their vision.

This new research involved nine women with age-related

Posted On October 15, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Scientists look into regenerating retinal cells

"Scientists … have discovered stem cells in the human eye which can be transformed into light-sensitive cells and potentially reverse blindness," The Daily Telegraph reports.

While this story is an accurate summary, the research is still at a very early stage, but does show potential.

The cells in q

Posted On October 02, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

`Rebooted` stem cells may lead to new treatments

"Scientists have managed to `reset` human stem cells," the Mail Online reports. It is hoped studying these cells will provide more information about the mechanics of early human development.

This headline comes from a laboratory study that reports to have found a way to turn the clock back on human stem cells

Posted On September 15, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

`Safe` stem cell therapy may help stroke recovery

BBC Online today reports that "Stem cells show promise in stroke recovery".

This accurate headline comes from a study showing how a new technique using a patient`s own stem cells to aid recovery from severe ischaemic stoke is feasible and appears to be safe.

But the study was tiny – just five people had

Posted On August 11, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Study offers insight into genetics of schizophrenia

"More than 100 schizophrenia genes have been pinpointed," reports the Daily Mail. In one of the largest studies of its kind, researchers have gained further insights into the genetics of the condition, which it is hoped could lead to new treatments.

Researchers have identified genetic differences at 108 positions

Posted On July 22, 2014
Genetics And Stem Cells

Gene mutation linked to distinct type of autism

“Have scientists found the autism gene?" asks the Mail Online.

The news is based on a genetic study that found children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) were more likely to have a mutation in a gene called CHD8 than children without the disorder.

ASD is an umbrella te

Posted On July 08, 2014