Saturated fat in dairy `may protect against diabetes`

Saturated fat in cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products may protect against diabetes, report the Mail Online, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent.

A study has found that people with higher levels of the types of saturated fatty acid found in dairy products were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Posted On August 06, 2014

Warning over waistline link to type 2 diabetes

“Belly fat clearest sign of type 2 diabetes risk,” The Guardian reports. This comes as Public Health England publishes a report highlighting the links between bulging waistlines, obesity and type 2 diabetes risk.

According to a new report, men whose waist size is over 102cm (40.2 inches) are five times more lik

Posted On July 31, 2014

Study links shift work to increased risk of diabetes

“Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts, a large international study suggests,” BBC News reports.

The BBC reports on a review that searched the literature and found 12 studies including more than 225,000 people which looked at the link between shift work and diabetes.

When pooling the

Posted On July 25, 2014

Protein may help control diabetes symptoms

"Diabetes could be cured `in single jab`," is the misleading headline in the Daily Express. The news comes from an exciting new mouse study which found promising results for a treatment for type 2 diabetes.

However, the study did not show that it would cure diabetes,

Posted On July 17, 2014

Prediabetes label unhelpful, experts argue

“Pre-diabetes label ‘worthless’, researchers claim,” reports the BBC.

The headline is based on an opinion piece published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) by John Yudkin and Victor Montori, both of whom are professors of medicine.

They argue that diagnosing people with “prediabetes” puts people at r

Posted On July 16, 2014

Offer weight loss surgery to diabetics, says NICE

"An expansion of weight loss surgery in England is being proposed to tackle an epidemic of type 2 diabetes," BBC News reports. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has recommended obese people with type 2

Posted On July 11, 2014

`Bionic` pancreas could be used to treat diabetes

"An artificial pancreas could allow thousands of diabetes patients to live normal lives," the Mail Online reports.

People with type 1 diabetes require lifelong insulin, as their body does not produce any. Insulin is a hormone that plays a key role in regulating the body’s blood sugar levels.

In a new s

Posted On June 16, 2014

One in three adults in England `has prediabetes`

"One in three adults in England `on cusp` of diabetes," BBC News and others report. The media reports are based on a study that estimated that 35.3% of adults in the UK now have prediabetes (also known as borderline diabetes).

Prediabetes is where blood sugar levels are abnormally high, but lower than the threshold

Posted On June 10, 2014

Two big meals `better` than six snacks for diabetics

“Only eating breakfast and lunch may be more effective at managing type 2 diabetes than eating smaller, more regular meals,” BBC News reports.

The report focuses on a small study which found that when people with type 2 diabetes ate two meals a day they lost more weight and had lower blood sugar levels at t

Posted On May 16, 2014

Upping coffee intake may reduce diabetes risk

"Three cups of coffee a day could help keep diabetes away," The Independent reports. A US study has found a link between increased coffee intake and a small – but significant – reduction in type 2 diabetes risk, but not proof that drinking coffee prevents diabetes.

The study found that adults who increased the

Posted On April 25, 2014

Diabetes claim for low-fat yoghurt not proven

“Yoghurt is key to beating diabetes,” is the front page headline from the Daily Express.

The news is based on a study looking at the association between dairy intake and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It found that the risk of the disease was reduced by 2

Posted On February 06, 2014

Wine and chocolate may not `beat diabetes`

“Chocolate and red wine `can beat diabetes`," is the misleading and potentially harmful headline on the Sky News website. The study it reports on was actually looking at specific compounds found in wine and chocolate, called flavonoids.

The study found that women with a flavonoid-rich diet appeared to have l

Posted On January 20, 2014