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A little about us

Murrays Pharmacy is a leading award winning community pharmacy group and healthcare provider with pharmacies across the UK, mainly in community and health centre locations. We employ over 230 staff across 25 pharmacy locations, including specialist mobility aid centres.

Our Pharmacies are committed to healthcare and our vision is to be a great pharmacy brand. Our customers are our main focus and we endeavour to provide them with exceptional friendly services in the pharmacy sector. Accessibly located within the heart of communities, our local pharmacies are right on the doorstep and strive to be the first choice for customer needs. We’ve also launched a range of innovative and affordable services aimed at improving community health, such as Healthy Living Pharmacy, NHS Health Check, Blood Pressure Monitoring and Dosettes, Weight Management, Alcohol Screening Services, Smoking Cessation, Mobility Aids, Flu Vaccinations and Travel Medicines/Advice, along with a suite of convenient professional health check services, including free Blood Pressure and Diabetes Testing, Cholesterol and Heart Checks – all carried out in the comfort of a private Murrays consultation room.

A key partner of the NHS, we also work closely with local healthcare providers to develop and deliver commissioned services to address specific health needs within communities.

History of murrays

The Murrays group was founded just after Cyril Murray (pictured right) – grandfather of today’s generation – returned from British Army service in the First World War. The year was 1920 and Cyril had himself been a pharmacist attached to an army train.

The very first pharmacy shop and headquarters was established in Tipton in the West Midlands. By the late 1950s, when Clive and his wife Truda joined the growing family business, three pharmacies were established and firm foundations for today’s business were set. The third generation Murrays, including Duncan the current Managing Director, joined the business in the late 80s.

Cyril Murray - Murrays Pharmacy

Award winning customer service

Our experienced pharmacy team are available online or via the telephone providing our customers with professional pharmaceutical expertise and advice.

More than just a web site, our on-line pharmacy is just like any of our other branches, with the same high standards of customer service from our qualified dispensing staff and highly skilled pharmacists, you have the reassurance of dealing with a pharmacy business that has been in operation for over 90 years, and values the needs of our customers.