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Managing Winter Aches And Pains

2018-06-05T11:59:27+00:00January 8th, 2017|Lifestyle|

Managing Winter Aches and Pains With Murrays Pharmacy Cold weather often brings aches and pains to those who suffer from arthritis and related conditions. When temperatures plummet, air pressure also drops, causing tissue around joints to swell-resulting in pain in these areas. Although these problems may seem chronic and unavoidable, there are some solutions which can bring relief to these dark winter days. 1. Physical activity is key. In order to bring down swelling in joints, movement and activity is essential. It may be tempting to stay in bed to nurse sore joints, but this actually compounds the problem and makes it worse. Getting outdoors for a short walk twice a day is a simple way to find relief and enjoy the fresh air. 2. Stay hydrated and eat plenty of whole foods. Water helps to flush impurities and balance swollen joints. By drinking plenty of water and eating fresh vegetables, the body is able to reduce swelling naturally. Adding lemon to water is a great way to add taste without the unnecessary sugars that are found in juices and sodas. 3. Pharmacies are a great place to get anti-inflammatory medicines and further advice for dealing with joint issues. At every Murrays Pharmacy we have trained onsite pharmacists and assistants who are trained to assist and advise on a variety of issues and will try to find a tailored solution to an individual’s specific needs. Murrays Pharmacy have numerous branches throughout the West Midlan . They offer friendly, helpful [...]