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Paperless Prescriptions

2017-07-20T18:12:19+00:00September 30th, 2016|Medication|

Make repeat prescriptions easier using paperless prescriptions If you have a chronic illness that needs management for some time, it is likely you will need to have regular medication. Common illnesses that require repeat prescriptions include diabetes, asthma, high blood sugar and, although not an illness, you will also need a repeat prescription on contraceptives. Repeat prescriptions are usually authorised by the doctor for a period of six months to a year, although with some medications, including controlled drugs, this may only be monthly. There are two ways that you can use to have the prescriptions: • Visit your surgery for a prescription within the agreed period when you request your medications. • Join Murrays Pharmacy Electronic Prescription Service where medicine is delivered to you at the required interval The trips to your GP can be time consuming especially when you are busy. You may also forget to take your prescriptions on time which can disrupt the management of your illness.  Paperless prescriptions, on the other hand, do not require you to visit your GP every time you are supposed to get new prescriptions. Here is how to go about it • Visit Murrays Pharmacy website and fill the online prescription form that is available online. You can also contact the team at Murrays pharmacy and tell them about the details of your prescription. • You will receive a call from Murrays Pharmacy to confirm the contents of your prescription How do we manage your prescription? We receive your [...]

Flu Vaccines From Murrays Pharmacy

2016-09-30T07:29:57+00:00September 25th, 2016|Vaccinations|

Flu Vaccines – what are they and why you might need them? You don’t need to go to the GP’s surgery for your flu vaccination; it can be done at your convenience at your local Murrays Pharmacy from this September. The following information will help you decide if you would benefit from a flu vaccination. Should I have the Flu Vaccination? Anyone who falls into one of the following high-risk categories should consider having the flu vaccination. • You are over 65 • You are pregnant • You have asthma or lung disease • You have chronic heart disease • You are diabetic • You have a chronic kidney condition • You have a chronic liver condition • You have had a stroke • You have an illness or are taking medicines that lower your natural defenses Can I get a flu vaccine even if I am not ‘high risk’? Yes, for a small fee you can have a flu vaccination at Murrays pharmacy even if you are not in an, ‘at risk’ category. This could help avoid an unpleasant episode of flu disrupting your winter. What if I’m not sure whether to have the vaccine? You can speak to a pharmacist at Murrays pharmacy to help you decide whether the vaccine is right for you. Do I need a flu vaccination every year? Yes, the strains of flu vary from year to year so, for the best protection, it is vital to receive this year’s vaccination. Are there any [...]

Helping Manage Your Weight Loss

2017-04-21T11:13:31+00:00September 22nd, 2016|Lifestyle|

Weight Management at Murrays Pharmacy It is worrying to learn that in the UK, over 50% of the population are classed as overweight with a proportion of those falling into the “obese” category. Being overweight is, without doubt, a serious health risk. Not only are you at increased risk of conditions such as heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis from the strain on the joints and some cancers, but should you need urgent surgery, obesity can cause issues when using anaesthetics, putting you at an additional risk during lifesaving procedures.  It is thought that today’s sedentary lifestyle is contributing towards an increase in people’s weights. Poor eating habits including convenience foods, fast foods, and snacking, and less exercise, means that people are ingesting more calories than they are using, resulting in the excess being stored as fat. Long term lack of exercise and poor diet will result in obesity. Weight management is a long-term approach to adjusting to a more healthy lifestyle. Making just one change can never be enough – to manage weight for most people this will include a balance of healthy eating and exercise. There is nothing wrong with the occasional treat but overall eating plans should be focused around providing more fibre and fruits and vegetables with protein in proportion and less carbohydrates and fats. Incorporating foods and recipes that will keep us fuller longer can be useful tools in weight management. It is important to remember to chat to your doctor prior to making drastic lifestyle changes [...]

Managing Your Prescriptions

2017-07-20T18:08:32+00:00September 16th, 2016|Medication|

Keeping Ahead With Your Prescriptions In the UK, the incidence of long term health conditions is increasing. This is somewhat inevitable with an ageing population who are living longer and longer, in fact it is estimated that around 20% of the population in the UK are retirement age (65 for men and 60 for women) and is set to continue to increase to a huge 29% by 2039. With ageing comes wear and tear which in turn can lead to long term health conditions such as heart disease, blood pressure issues, weight management, arthritis, respiratory problems and digestive issues. Fortunately, due to advances in medicine, many common conditions that may once have been life limiting can be managed or offer symptomatic relief from the unpleasant effects of the illnesses, with medications.  Of course, when you need to take multiple medications, it is inevitable that you will regularly need to visit your GP and Pharmacy for your NHS Prescriptions. Whether you order your repeat prescriptions on a weekly or monthly basis, it is vitally important that you are organised and ensure you order your prescriptions and do not run out of your medications. This is where Murrays Pharmacy can help!   If you need to juggle a number of different medications, it can be difficult to remember to keep ahead of ordering your NHS prescriptions but with the Murrays EPS Prescription service and our Murrays Pharmacy MediPouch, we can help you stay on top of your treatment. Ordering Repeat Prescriptions From [...]