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Avoid Extra Prescription Charges with these Money Saving Tips from Murrays

In the UK, pharmacists are obliged to charge customers a National Health Service prescription fee when drugs are issued, for many adults.

But certain groups of people – such as those aged over 60 and those in receipt of certain benefits – are exempt from paying these charges, and these exemptions are listed on the back of your prescription.

Just because you don’t automatically qualify for one of these exemptions, does not necessarily mean you will have to pay the full prescription charge.

So consider this:

  • It might be cheaper to buy the drug or medication over the counter from your pharmacist.
  • It could be cheaper to obtain some or all of your drugs using a Private Prescription, rather than an ordinary NHS prescription. Ask your pharmacist. They will be able to advise you on costs and whether your doctor’s surgery operates a free private prescription service or not.
  • Finally, you could buy a pre-payment certificate from NHS England for 3 or 12 month periods if you need a lot of medication. It could save you a small fortune.

Staff at any Murrays Pharmacy can show you how to avoid paying the full NHS prescription charge, wherever possible.